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Georgia Drivers License Classes and Types

Georgia Drivers License Classes and Types

Different drivers have different needs and this is why there are many different types of the Georgia drivers license provided by the Georgia DDS. Different tasks require different vehicles and operating different vehicles may require different skills. This is where different drivers license classes come in.

Georgia Class C Drivers License

Class C drivers license is the most common drivers license out there. It allows you operation of regular motor vehicles and you must be at least 18 years old to obtain this drivers license. This license type is enough for the majority of drivers out there and if you do not plan on driving large commercial vehicles, this is the license for you.

Georgia Class M Drivers License

This is a drivers license that allows for the operation of motor vehicles that have 3 wheels or less, namely motorcycles. Please note that mopeds have a different set of rules, the motorcycle licensing procedure does not apply to mopeds.

Georgia Class MP Drivers License

Class MP is designated for the motorcycle learners permits. This is an intermediate license that you apply for when you seek to achieve the motorcycle drivers license.

Georgia Class A, Class B and Class C (CDL)

These license types are the commercial drivers licenses.

Georgia Class CP Drivers License

Georgia class CP drivers license is what is also commonly referred to as the learners permit. This drivers license is issued to teenagers who are under 18 years of age and who already took and passed their written knowledge exam. With this drivers license, teens are allowed to operate a motor vehicle while being supervised by a more experienced driver, usually a family member.

Georgia Class D Drivers License

Class D Drivers license is another type of a drivers license reserved for teens. It is a provisional license that is issued to drivers license under 18 years of age who have completed the written knowledge exam, held their CP drivers license for the sufficient amount of time, complete the Georgia drivers education class and passed the driving test. Georgia class D drivers license still has certain restrictions, such as passenger restrictions and curfew.