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MVA Practice Test Question 128

We all know that drunk driving is a dangerous thing, we all know that there is no such thing as a “safe” amount of alcohol we can drink before getting behind the wheel of a car, but the MVA actually requires us to know driving laws that involve alcohol in more details. One of the questions that gets thrown around more frequently than others: “is it legal to drive with an open container of alcohol in your vehicle”. The reason why this question gets asked so often is because open alcohol container laws differ between states and naturally people want to know the law that applies to them. Questions on the open alcohol container law may be included in the Maryland permit test and since our MVA practice test was designed to help people prepare for the exam, we included this sample question in our database as well. Today we are looking at this sample question in more details.

Sample MVA Question


A. If the container is empty
B. If the container is in the trunk
C. If the driver is over 21 years of age
D. If alcohol is being consumed by passengers

If you ever want an official source of information on current alcohol laws in Maryland, you should refer to the MVA drivers manual that is available for download on the MVA website. In fact, you should refer to the book whenever you have any question about Maryland driving laws, since it is the most complete and comprehensive compilation of all traffic laws, road signs and regulations you need to know when driving on Maryland roads. The book is also a great resource for those getting ready to take the MVA permit test since the knowledge exam is based on the information presented in this book. Once done reading the manual, take a free MVA practice test to make sure you did not miss anything! The test is not timed, so you can take your time working through all MVA test questions!

Answers To The MVA Test

Answer A to the MVA practice test question states that it is legal to keep an open alcohol container in the vehicle if the container is empty. This is not true. In fact, you may even be cited for having a six-pack of beer that is missing a bottle, even if this bottle is not present in the vehicle.

Answer B to the Maryland MVA practice question suggests that it is all right to keep an open alcohol container in the trunk. This seems reasonable, let's see what other options you have.

Answer C to the Maryland practice permit test states that it is all right to keep an open alcohol container in the car as long as the driver is over 21 years of age. This could not be further from the truth. The law applies to drivers of all ages, while drivers under the age of 21 have additional zero-tolerance restrictions when it comes to alcohol and can be arrested for drunk driving while having BAC of 0.02 percent.

Answer D to the MVA permit test question tells us that as long as alcohol is being consumed by passengers and not the driver, it is fine to keep an open alcohol container in the car. This is not right and doing so will have you cited.

Correct Answer To The MVA Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this MVA practice test question is B:


The open alcohol container law in Maryland states that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with an open alcohol container in the passenger area of the vehicle. The passenger area is defined as a place designed to seat a driver or a passenger or a place that is readily accessible to the driver or passenger. The trunk of a car is not a place that is “readily accessible” and thus it is totally fine for you to keep an open alcohol container in the trunk.

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