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Texas Drivers License Practice Test Question #2

Today we will be talking about a question from the 2013 Texas learners permit test, a question that deals with on-road conditions. Being able to correctly judge the condition of the surface you are currently driving on is very important as it directly affects your safety. Traveling on slippery surfaces will increase your breaking distance immensely, most people don't even imagine how poor breaking may be on a road covered with ice or water until they find themselves in a situation that has a potential for disaster. This is why we decided to include this sample question into our Texas drivers license practice test and have a closer look at it.

Drivers License Practice Test Question

The question is as following:


A. During a heavy rain or storm
B. Just after the rain
C. Just when it starts raining

Let's have a look at each one of the answers and find out which one of them fits this sample question the best.

Drivers Practice Test Question Answers

Answer A of this Texas drivers license practice test suggests that the road is most slippery during a heavy rain or storm. This sounds reasonable enough, since during the heavy rain, the road will be covered by large amount of water and we all know what hydroplaning is. However, while breaking performance in such conditions will definitely be worse than on dry clean pavement, it is not as bad as driving on ice. Let's mark this option as a possible candidate for the correct answer and look at other answers to the sample question.

Answer B of the Texas drivers permit practice test claims that the road is most slippery just after the rain. To be honest, this looks like a dummy answer designed to fill in the space. Think about this, why would the road be most slippery after the rain? If the road is built correctly and the drainage is working, all water will be removed from the pavement as soon as the rain is over. This option definitely looks worse than the first one.

Answer C of the Texas driving practice test quiz states that the road is most slippery just when it starts raining. At first glance, this does not look like the right answer, I mean, why would the road be so slippery if it just started raining? It looks just like answer B - there is not much water on the road and that is why it should not be slippery. You are tempted to go for option A and you would be wrong if you did.

There is something that is known to experienced drivers who spent countless hours behind the wheel. During dry season, the road gets covered with dust, bits of rubber from tires and chemicals from the exhaust fumes. When it starts raining, this mixture turns into a thin film of slippery mud, a film you can't even see, but it reduces the ability of your tires to grip the road nevertheless. As more water pours onto the road, this film is washed away, but you should really watch out during those first five minutes.

Correct Answer to The Texas Drivers Handbook Practice Test

We can see that while answer A of the Texas drivers practice test looked like the correct answer at first, you should really read on and dig into each one of the answers to be able to identify the best answer for the question. The correct answer to this sample question is C - the road is most slippery just when it starts raining.

This is what your Texas learners permit test will be all about - the DPS will ask permit test questions that seem obvious at first, but you really have to read each one of the options carefully to make sure you select the correct answer. Be attentive and good luck on your Texas permit test!

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