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New York Drivers Fare The Worst on The Drivers Test

A national survey conducted by GMAC Insurance revealed that most of the New York drivers would not be able to pass the drivers permit test should they be forced to do so now. The average score for New Yorkers was 70%, with a current passing score being at least 80%.

The survey is conducted by GMAC Insurance annually and this year 5,202 licensed Americans from different states were asked to answer 20 questions that were taken from their state permit test. Results of the study revealed that many drivers don't even know the basic rules and get confused over such matters as what to do when approaching a steady yellow light or safe following distances.

While New York drivers had the lowest average score on this test, Kansas drivers stole the spotlight with an average score of 82.3 percent. Kudos to all drivers from Kansas who seem to take driving seriously.

If you wish to see how well you would do on one of such tests, you may take a practice permit test that features questions similar to the ones used in the study.