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Nebraska Drivers Ed - Nebraska Drivers Education

Nebraska Drivers Ed

Nebraska drivers education classes are integrated into the graduated drivers system and are an important part of the licensing procedure. Although not every teen driver is required to take a Nebraska drivers ed class, you can still choose to do so as there is no better way to learn safe and confident driving techniques.

Nebraska Graduated Drivers

The graduated drivers license system in Nebraska is quite different from other states and it recognizes the needs of Nebraska citizens. The program is tailored for teenagers and it makes a distinction between teens who live in large cities and teens who reside in rural areas. Although taking the drivers education class is not compulsory, doing so may waive the written and driving tests when you are applying for your permit.

Nebraska Permit Tests

When you are applying for one of the Nebraska drivers permits, the DMV requires you to take a permit test. The knowledge exam covers the rules of the road, traffic law and signs. The good news is that those teens who are applying for the school permit and who take a state-approved drivers education class do not need to take neither the written, nor the driving exams, they are both included in your driver’s ed program. Everyone else will be required to be tested at the DMV.

Although the exam is fairly simple, more than a half of the first-time applicants fail the first time. The reason for this is simple - they don’t study, although the DMV offers the Nebraska driving guide and permit practice tests to help permit applicants prepare for the exam. Be the better half - get yourself a drivers manual and study in advance!

Drivers Ed Curriculum

All Nebraska driver’s ed classes must be certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles and they follow a similar lesson plan. The course must contain at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of in-car training.

The classroom portion of driver’s education covers everything you need to know before you get behind the wheel. You will be taught safe driving techniques, rules of the road, the dangers of driving under the influence.

The classroom driver’s ed is followed by 6 hours of in-car driving lessons that will give you the feel of the road. The professional instructor conducting the lessons will be able to pinpoint all your mistakes and explain how you can correct them.

Drivers Education Classes

In Nebraska, driver’s education courses are offered in public schools and commercial driving schools. You can even find schools that offer you to complete the classroom portion of drivers ed online. Shop around to find the best rates but make sure you check with the DMV that the driver’s education course that you are about to purchase is certified by the state.

Drivers ed classes are not only useful for those who are applying for the permit. Nebraska driver’s license holders may wish to complete the class in order to receive an insurance discount, which may cut their insurance by as much as 10-15%.