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Maryland Drivers Ed - Maryland Drivers Education

Maryland Drivers Ed

Most of the states around the country rely on the drivers education classes when it comes to educating the drivers license applicant. Maryland is no exception to these rule, requiring every drivers permit applicant to complete a Maryland driver's education program.

Maryland GDL

The graduated drivers license system (Rookie Driver) is a set of laws that were passed on in order to reduce the number of crashes among the teen drivers. When broken down into a few steps, the Maryland Rookie Driver program just guides license applicants through multiple levels of driving experience, providing them with the necessary education and support. Drivers ed classes are part of the educational process, they provide the applicant with a solid knowledge of the Maryland driving rules and serve as a starting point on the way towards the unrestricted license.

Drivers Ed Test

Before you can be issued with a Maryland learners permit, you will be required to take a permit test. The MVA test all applicants to ensure that all licensees know their way around the Maryland driving rules.

Looking for good study materials? There is nothing better than the Maryland drivers manual. The manual covers a wide variety of topics on licensing procedures, safe driving techniques, road signs and traffic rules.

Once you've gone over the manual, take a Maryland practice test to get familiar with the MVA wording.

Maryland Drivers Ed Curriculum

Although the program is tailored to the Maryland driving rules, it will follows a curriculum generally accepted throughout the country. The course consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction that cover all areas of driving. The classroom portion of the drivers ed is followed by 6 hours of behind the wheel training that allows students to make use of their newly acquired knowledge. The drivers education course is followed by a supervised driving period before the applicant can achieve a Maryland drivers license.

Maryland Drivers Education Classes

The drivers education classes are provided at a number of locations. You may elect to take your program at a local high school or you may also visit a commercial driving school for your lessons. When shopping for the program, make sure you check if the course is approved by the MVA.