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Interim Drivers License

Interim Driver’s License - Additonal Step Towards your Unrestricted Driver's License

Interim Drivers License is one of the intermediate steps in the Graduate Drivers License (GDL) program. The interim license is usually issued to driver’s licenseapplicants who are under 18 years of age and have already passed both the written permit test and the driver’s license test at the DMV and have held the learner’s permit for the required period of time.

Why Do We Need Interim Driver’s License

The interim drivers license is required to ensure that young drivers are submerged into their on-road experience slowly and that they absorb all the required skills that will make them safe and responsible drivers. Most studies show that young people are prone to risk-taking behavior, which makes them a danger to themselves and those that surround them. The interim drivers license poses certain restrictions at young drivers, restrictions that were designed to reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

Common Interim Drivers License Restrictions

Although the restrictions that are posed at the interim license holder are much more liberal than the restrictions posed at learner’s permit holders, they still must be observed thoroughly under the penalty of license revocation.

The key difference between the learners license and the interim driver’s license is the fact that the interim driver’s license holder may drive without being supervised by a licensed driver.

Restrictions that are posed to interim driver license holders may include:

  1. no driving between certain hours (curfew)
  2. passenger restrictions
  3. speed limit restrictions

Please make sure that you check the interim drivers license restrictions that are specific to your state.

Switching from Interim Drivers License to The Unrestricted Driver’s License

This is usually done automatically once the interim drivers license holder reaches the age of 18 or 19, depending on the state. Many states have the requirement that the interim license holder may have no convictions during the holding period, otherwise the holding period may be extended or the license may be revoked. Taking a drivers ed course may help you obtain your unrestricted drivers license in certain states much sooner.