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Arkansas Drivers Ed - Arkansas Drivers Education

Arkansas Drivers Ed

Although drivers education classes are not compulsory in Arkansas, it is still an important part of the graduated drivers license system. Arkansas driver ed classes may be a great way for you learn safe driving techniques and prepare for your driving exam.

Drivers Ed Curriculum

The drivers education classes in Arkansas are overseen by the Department of Workforce Education and all official programs feature the same curriculum. Every drivers education class must feature 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of in-car observation and 6 hours of in-car practice.

The thirty hour program will provide you with an extensive overview of the Arkansas driving rules and regulations, road signs, information on drug and alcohol awareness and safe driving techniques.

Six hours of in-car observation that are taken once you complete the online program will allow you to start applying your newly acquired skills. You can be in the car, observing the road and traffic situation around the vehicle without the pressure to act on it, which is a great opportunity to put your knowledge to the test.

Six hours of behind the wheel practice that are the final part of the Arkansas drivers ed class is when you get behind the wheel and gain some practical skills in operating a motor vehicle. You have heard about it, you have seen it and now it is time for you to actually do it.

Drivers Education Classes

The drivers education classes are offered by a number of entities in Arkansas. You may choose to take the class with the Department of Education, the State Police or one of the local professional driving schools. Whatever your choice is, be assured that you will get top-quality education.

At the moment, Arkansas does not approve online drivers education classes.

Why Take Drivers Ed

The main reason why you should take a drivers education class is because it does work. Drivers who complete driver's ed classes are much less likely to be involved in a traffic accident than those who do not take any special programs.

Another good reason why you may consider taking drivers ed is because it will prepare you for your exam at the revenue office. According to the law, every drivers license and learners permit applicant is required to take the Arkansas permit test and if you took drivers ed - you are already prepared for it!

If you skipped on the drivers education, you may also prepare for the test by reading the state driver handbook and going over some practice permit tests.