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Arkansas Learners Permit

Arkansas Learners Permit

If you are looking to obtain a drivers license in Arkansas, obtaining a learners permit should be your first priority. Arkansas learners permit will give you a chance to practice your driving skills and prepare before you go in for your driving test.

Arkansas GDL

Just like many other states, Arkansas has its own graduated drivers license program that involves a multi-level process of obtaining a drivers license. Learners permit is the first step of this program and is designed to allow you to hone your driving skills and gain some experience behind the wheel before you start driving on your own.

Written Exam

Before you can be issued with a learners permit, you will need to pass the learners permit test at one of testing locations. Testing is conducted at the Arkansas state police stations and you must be at least 14 years of age in order to be able to take the test. The written exam will test your knowledge of driving rules and you will need to study for it if you want to pass the first time. You could prepare for the learner’s permit exam by going through the drivers manual and polishing it with some Arkansas practice tests.

Although you are not required by the state to take a drivers education class in Arkansas, it may still be a good idea to do so. The class will not only prepare you for your learner permit exam, but it will also provide you with a lot of information on safe driving techniques.

Once you pass the learners permit exam and the vision exam, you will be issued with your permit.

Parental and School Involvement

When a teenager is applying for a learners permit, parents must sign the parental consent form. In simple words, the form states that the parent does not have any objection to the learners permit issuance and that parents accept financial responsibility for any possible damages caused by a teenager.

School attendance is also important when it comes to obtaining a learners permit. Teenagers are required to present proof of school attendance before the permit can be issued.

Permit Restrictions

Just like instructional permits in other states, the Arkansas learners permit has its own restrictions and limitations and it does not give you full driving privileges. Permit holders are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle unless an adult with a drivers license is sitting next to the permit holder.

License Issuance

If you are an adult with a learners permit, you will need to hold it for at least one month before taking your driving test and applying for your license. Minors need to hold the learners permit for at least six months.