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Arizona Learners Permit

Arizona Learners Permit

If you looking towards obtaining a license in Arizona and you are still under 18 years of age, the Arizona learners permit is your first step towards the license. Obtaining the Arizona learners permit can be quite easy and hassle free.

Graduated Drivers License

Statistics show that teenagers are much more likely to be involved in a car accident than more seasoned drivers. And you can usually blame lack of experience and education for that. This is why Arizona has a graduated drivers license program and your learner permit is part of this program. The learners permit is designed to allow you practice your driving while being a supervised by a licensed driver who is more experienced than you and who can help out in difficult situations.

Permit Test

No matter how old you are, you will still have to go through the Arizona permit test before you will be issued with your instructional permit. The test is designed to assess how familiar you are with the Arizona road rules and traffic regulations.

If you really want to pass the test, you have to study for it and the Arizona driver manual is a good place to start. You can compliment that with some practice tests so you will get the feel of what it will be like at the MVD.

Teenagers should also think about taking an Arizona driver education class as it may really boost the things up for you. Plus, it will help you obtain your license faster.

Once you pass the Arizona learners permit test at the MVD, you will be issued with a learners permit that is valid for 12 months.

Instructional Permit Restrictions

The learners permit does not grant you full driving privileges and you must observe all restrictions imposed by the GDL laws. You cannot operate a motor vehicle unless you are being supervised by a licensed driver. You should also observe the curfew and passenger restrictions while driving on a permit. Failure to abide to these laws may result in your permit revocation.

Driver License

If you have held your learners permit for at least 5 months and you fulfilled the behind the wheel hours, you can take your driving test and receive the Arizona drivers license.