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5 Things to Do The Night Before Taking The Permit Test

The time is finally here - you are taking your permit test tomorrow! It's a big day, you may be able to go for your first drive tomorrow, right after the test! Sure, you will have a parent or a friend next to you at this point, but you still get to drive yourself! To make sure that you come to the learners permit exam fully prepared and ready to tackle it, we compiled a list of 5 most important things you should do the night before your permit test. Following these points will make sure that everything goes smoothly and that nothing is missing when you show up at the DMV. You are more than welcome to print this list of 5 things to do before the permit test and then just cross out the points you have already covered!


Take a sample permit test the night before the real DMV test!

When we saying that you should take a practice permit test the night before your real exam at the DMV, we do not mean that you should start studying on this night. If you have not spent any time learning the rules of the road, road signs and safe driving techniques, you are unlikely to learn them all tonight. Let's face it, memorizing a bunch of traffic laws takes more than couple of hours, understanding them takes even longer and that's what the DMV will be looking for, to see if you understand and can apply driving rules in real-life situations. That's what most permit test questions will be like: they will place you in a situation you may encounter on the road and ask you to make a choice.

We advise that you take a permit practice test the night before the real permit test not because it will help you learn something new, but because it will strike some confidence into you. If you have been studying for a while, you should do just fine on the practice test and it will show you that you can do just as well on your real DMV test. Some positive reassurance always helps, you will not be as stressed and so will not miss any questions simply because you were freaking out during the exam. No need to spend hours doing sample permit test questions, one or two exams will do just fine!


Check office hours for the DMV office You Will Be Taking Your Test In!

It may sound silly, but you will not believe how many people went to the DMV just to realize that the office is not open that day or that it has closed early. Sure, this is not a problem in the states where you can schedule your permit test appointment and then show up on the exact date and time. Unfortunately, this is not an option in most states as testing is conducted mostly on the walk-in basis, the DMV would not schedule appointments for a learners permit test.

You should either call your local DMV office or check their business hours online the day before you go in to take the knowledge test. If you are checking the DMV business hours online, make sure you refer to the accurate source of information, there are many sites posing as the official DMV website, but they cannot vouch for the information they give you!


Make a checklist of all documents required for taking the permit test!

This is an important one: you must make sure you have the paperwork required to take the permit test! By now, you should have already printed out a full list of the required documents from your state drivers manual or the official DMV website. Go through the list highlighting things you already have, see if they will be sufficient for taking the knowledge exam! If your state allows you to fill in the application for a drivers license at home, do so now!

We wanted to stress the importance of having a valid certificate of completion for a drivers education class if your state requires you to present one! Most schools will not be able to simply e-mail or fax the certificate of completion to you if you realize that you don't have it! Most schools don't offer customer service around the clock and in some cases, state laws will prevent them from doing so because the certificate is copy protected and can only be mailed. Check that you have your driver's ed certification and that it is still valid at least a week before you go in for your driver's permit test!


Make sure you have a ride to the DMV office!

Despite sounding so obvious, it is an important thing to think about the day before your permit test: how will you get to the DMV tomorrow? Are you using public transportation or is someone giving you a ride to the office? If you are using public transportation, make sure you gave yourself enough time to get there.

If you are under 18 years of age at the moment, you have to keep in mind that one of your parents will need to be present at the office the day you take your permit test. The parent will need to sign your application form, you will not be able to obtain a learners permit without your parent's approval. Make sure one of them can come with you to the office that day and remind them about it a day before, adults have many other things to do and they may simply forget about your appointment.


Don't stay up till late the night before the test!

There is simply no overstressing of the importance of proper rest the night before taking the permit test. If you will be tired in the morning, you will definitely do worse than you possibly could on your learner's permit exam. You may feel extra anxious, you will be less attentive and this is not a good state of mind for someone who has to do well on the test.

What this means for you is that you should not do anything that can make you feel tired the night before you take the drivers permit test. This means no staying up late, no going out with friends, no playing video games late into the night. Read a book, prepare for sleep early, make sure you will have at least 8 hours of sleep before you go to the DMV!

This list of 5 things to do before the permit test is based on feedback from people who actually took their driver's permit exam not that long ago, people just like you! If this helped them, it will help you too! Print this list out and go over it one more time the night before you take the permit test! Good luck!