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California Certificate of Facts RE Unsatisfied Judgement (DL 30)

Use this form if the judgment is for more than $750 in property damage ($500 or more for accidents prior to January 1, 2003). When the form is received, DMV will suspend the judgment debtors) for up to six years.

Background: The California Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law provides that vehicle owners and/or drivers must be financially responsible for damages and/or injuries caused by the ownership or operation of their motor vehicle if that vehicle is involved in an automobile accident.

The party who is not at fault for the accident (unless compensated for damages and/or injuries), has the right to sue in civil court to recover monetary damages to property and/or for injuries resulting from the accident.

If the court awards a civil judgment against the "at fault party" (judgment debtor), and that party fails within 30 days to satisfy the judgment award, the California Vehicle Code (CVC) allows DMV to suspend the person's driving privilege (CVC Section 16370).

You may mail the DL 30, the certified court documents, and a $20 administrative service fee to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Financial Responsibility Area
Civil Judgment Section
P.O. Box 942884
Sacramento, CA 94284-0884

Download California Certificate of Facts RE Unsatisfied Judgement (DL 30)

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