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West Virginia Drivers Ed - West Virginia Drivers Education

West Virginia Drivers Education

Although completion of a drivers education program is not one of the West Virginia state requirements for obtaining a drivers license, completing one of the drivers ed programs holds certain benefits. Students who choose to enroll in and complete one of the West Virginia driver's education classes can skip 50 hours of supervised driving, prepare for the permit test and become eligible for the insurance discount.

Graduated Drivers License

Graduated drivers license programs exists virtually in every state. Teenage drivers are the main target of the West Virginia GDL laws, the laws that help to make the roads safer. According to the national statistics, teen drivers belong to a high risk group, mostly due to the lack of driving experience and proneness to risk-taking behavior. The GDL laws counteract these factors with drivers education classes and extended permit holding periods for all teenage drivers.

Why Take Drivers Ed

Unlike many other states, West Virginia does not make driver's education classes compulsory for teenage license applicants. Having said that, you should still think about enrolling in a drivers ed class simply for your own good.

As you may know, absolutely every license applicant has to take West Virginia permit test before a license or permit can be issued. West Virginia drivers education programs do a great job of preparing applicants for the challenges of the knowledge exam. The classes are taught by professional driving instructors who know what parts of the driving law are most challenging for the new drivers, so they can help you gain a better understanding of these problematic rules.

If you don't want to enroll in a drivers education class, you should still study for the exam. You can download a free West Virginia driver ed book, which is distributed by the DMV. Study the book, then take a few West Virginia permit practice questions to test yourself.

Some drivers are worried that taking a driver's education course cost too much. It is true, however you will get most if not all of your money back and here is how. Most of the insurance companies offer insurance discounts to those drivers who completed drivers ed. The amount of the money you save on your premium should compensate the funds you spend on the class.

Finally, good news for those teenage drivers who choose to take a drivers education class before applying for a West Virginia level 2 learners permit. According to the law, all applicants have to complete at least 50 hours of supervised driving with a parent. If you choose to participate in a state-approved drivers ed class, you won't have to go through supervised driving.

Places to Take Drivers Education Classes

Driver ed programs are offered mostly by commercial driving schools. You can search the web or use the yellow pages for the list of driving schools in your area. When you find a school near you, make sure that the drivers education program they offer is certified by the state, otherwise you just waste your money.

Remember: no matter how old you are, taking a drivers education class before applying for your West Virginia drivers license is a great idea.