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New York Drivers Education

Those who are just thinking of applying for a drivers license are plagued with questions about New York drivers education classes. Do I need to take an NYS drivers ed course or a per-licensing class if I am over 18 years of age? Do I take my NY driver's education program before I apply for a permit or a drivers license? How much does a regular New York state drivers education program cost? Will my drivers ed class include a practice test or to I need to look up some practice permit test NY questions on my own? Don't worry, we will answer all these questions for you so you can choose the best drivers ed NY program there is and get your driver license in no time!

New York Graduated Drivers License

We will not get into details of the NY graduated license law here, all you need to know about it is that this law is what actually forces you to take one of the New York drivers ed or prelicensing classes. Unlike most other states, the state of New York does not make exception for adults, even if you are over 18 years of age, you will still have to take a pre-licensing course or a full scale drivers ed, whatever works best for you, so yes, if you are asking yourself “do I have to do drivers ed in New York if I am over 18 years of age”, the answer is yes, you do.

Drivers Education Classes

"Where can I take my NYS drivers ed class?". This is easy. New York driver's education programs are offered through high schools and colleges and they include both the classroom drivers ed and the behind the wheel driving hours. The classroom portion of the drivers education program covers the information presented in the New York drivers manual and the info on the pre-licensing course. To summarize, a drivers education course is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of driving and prepares you for the time when you will have your NY drivers license and start driving on your own. The downside is usually the price - the classes may be a little expensive.

Pre-licensing Course

The pre-licensing course that is offered in New York is similar to a drivers education class, but it is much shorter and so it does not really go into the details of many topics. The class is offered by the professional driving schools and you should check if the school is approved by the DMV before signing up with them. You will be taught the defensive driving techniques, the basic driving laws and driving under the influence. The pre-licensing courses do not usually include any driving hours, so you will need to order them separately.

Neither the drivers education nor the pre-licensing course are required for obtaining the New York learners permit, you will only be asked to furnish a certificate of completion for the course when you will go in to apply for your New York drivers license, but there are certain benefits to taking the class early. One of such benefits is the fact that if you take your NYS drivers ed class early, you will not have to the knowledge exam at the DMV! Isn't that not a good reason to sign up for drivers education early?

Permit Test

Let's say you decided to skimp on NYS drivers ed now. As you probably know, the DMV requires you to take the NY permit test before you can be issued with a learners permit. What is the best way to prepare for the permit test in New York, you may ask? Unfortunately, there no no universal advice that will get you through the test. If you are really stressed about the test, just take one of the New York state driver's education classes and skip the permit exam altogether. Everyone else should start by going through the official New York drivers handbook, the book covers all of the important NY driving rules, road signs and it tells you exactly what will be on the test, you may even say that it has answers to all NYS permit test questions. Once done with the book, you can also take one of the practice permit test NY quizzes, they are really helpful when it comes to pinpointing those rules you may have missed. Don't settle on just one exam, there are plenty other tests available, for example the DMV practice test NY quiz and the NYC drivers permit practice test. Try to cover as many questions as possible with these quizzes!

How Much Does An NY Drivers Education Program Cost

This question really worries everyone - “how much will it cost, how much do I spend on my New York driving education class”? Once again, no simple answer here. The price will vary between schools and will be greatly affected by the number of driving hours you will order, behind the wheel instructions is what really comprises a large part of the price for your drivers education program. Make sure to shop around and do not settle on the first school you find.