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Nevada Learners Permit

Nevada Learners Permit

Nevada Learners Permit is the document issued to first-time license applicants for the purpose of practicing driving. Although Nevada learners permit does allow you to drive, it still has certain restrictions and limitations that you must observe.

Nevada Learners Permit Application

In order to be able to apply for Nevada learners permit, you must be at least 15 and ½ years old. Once you are of legal permit age, you can visit the DMV office, take the written permit test, the vision test, pay the required application fees and receive your permit. You may wish to get more details on the application from the Nevada drivers license guide.

Preparing for Nevada Learners Permit Test

Although the DMV does not require you to complete any courses before you apply for your Nevada learners permit, we strongly advise that you take a Nevada drivers ed course before you go in for your Nevada permit test. You will have to complete the course before taking the driving test for you license, so why not do it now?

Another way for you to prepare for the test would be going through the drivers manual and taking some practice permit tests. Although this will not replace the drivers ed class, it will still provide you with a sound knowledge of driving rules.

Learners Permit Restrictions

Learners permit is not equal to the Nevada drivers license, that’s one thing many students tend to forget. The permit has restrictions and limitations, such as supervised-driving-only and the curfew. Failure to abide to these restrictions may cause learners permit revocation and refusal in drivers license issuance.

Renewals and Replacements

If you lose you Nevada learners permit or it expires, you will need to contact a local DMV office in order to have it renewed or replaced.