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Louisiana Learners Permit

Louisiana Learners Permit

Louisiana learners permit is always your first step towards obtaining the drivers license. Although the drivers permit comes with certain restrictions, you should still make full use of it before you take your driving exam.

Louisiana GDL

Louisiana learner's permit is a key part of the graduated drivers license system. The drivers permit was initially brought up to ensure that all license applicants get some driving experience with a more seasoned driver before they hit the roads on their own. When applied to teen drivers, the learners permit works together with the Louisiana drivers education courses to make the teenager learn and appreciate the safe driving techniques, something that can potentially save lives.

Learners Permit Application

Applying for the Louisiana instructional permit is very easy. If you are at least 15 years old, visit the OMV office near you and take your permit test. If you are under 17, you will be asked to show proof that you have completed one the Louisiana drivers education courses. Applicants who are 17 to 18 years old have to complete the 6 hour training class before taking the permit test.

If you have not taken any classes but still want to study for the learners permit exam, you can download the OMV drivers handbook. The manual has everything you need to know about driving in Louisiana and it should be enough for you to pass the exam. You may also compliment the book with some Louisiana practice tests.

Once you fulfill all requirements, the Louisiana OMV issues you with your learners permit.

Louisiana Permit Restrictions

You may be excited about having the permit and so you should be. However, keep in in mind that the learner's permit is not a full license yet and it comes with certain permit restrictions. The main restriction is that you are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle unless you are being supervised by another licensed driver. Failure to abide to this restriction will result in your permit revocation.

Instructional Permit Renewal

Your learners permit is valid for up to 4 years. If you do you apply for your Louisiana drivers license within this period of time, you will need to renew the instructional permit at the OMV office.