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Colorado Learners Permit

Colorado Learners Permit - Colorado Drivers Education Permit

At the moment, the state of Colorado distinguishes between three different types of learners permits - Drivers Education Permit, Driver Awareness Permit and Minor Instruction Permit.

Colorado Drivers Education Permit

Colorado drivers education permit is issued to student aged 15 to 15 and ½. The learners permit can be issued only to those students who have successfully graduated from the Colorado drivers ed class and received their affidavit of completion.

Colorado Driver Awareness Permit

Colorado driver awareness permit can be issues to applicants aged 15 and ½ to 16. In order to be eligible for this type of permit, the applicant must complete a 4 hour driver awareness program and provide the certificate of completion upon permit application.

Colorado Minor Instructions Permit

Colorado Minor Instructions permit is issued to students aged 16 to 21. You are not required to complete any drivers education or driver awareness programs before you can be issued with this type of a permit.

Colorado Learners Permit Application

No matter which type of the Colorado learners permit you will go for, there are rules that apply to all of them. Before you can apply for the drivers permit, you will be required to present the acceptable proof of identification and pass both vision and learners permit tests. Prepare for your written exam with our Colorado practice permit tests.

You must hold your learners permit for at least 12 months before you can apply for the driving test and your drivers license. This time is given to you so you can practice your driving skills and prepare for the road test.

If you lose your permit or it expires, you can replace or renew it.

Remember that learners permit is not an unrestricted drivers license, it has certain limitations you must abide to. Treat it with all possible seriousness as the DMV may revoke your permit and refuse Colorado drivers license issuance if you fail to abide to these restrictions.

If you need more information on Colorado learners permit or drivers license, please refer to the Colorado Drivers License Guide.