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California Learners Permit - California Drivers Permit

Ready to start driving? Obtaining a California learners permit is first step towards the streets and open highways of California. We will walk you through all the way: from studying the state driving rules and laws with permit practice test CA questions and taking your California permit test to getting some driving hours behind your belt and exchanging your California drivers permit to a full scale unrestricted drivers license! All you have to do is to take the first step, obtaining the 2013 California learner's permit has never been easier than today!

Requirements for California Learners Permit

This is just a short list of the requirements you need to fulfill to be eligible for a California driver's permit. If you require more information about your CA learners permit, you will need to research the California graduated driver's license program. The program specifies what restrictions will apply to your drivers permit, how long you need to hold the permit for and what are additional requirements that you must meet before you can be issued with a drivers license. The program also mandates that drivers under the age of 18 must be issued with a provisional license first and have to observe all California provisional driver's license restrictions for at least 12 months before being issued with a full license. You can find this information in the official California drivers handbook.

Before you can be issued with a learner's permit, you must:

  1. Be at least 15 and ½ years old
  2. Be able to provide proof of identification
  3. Complete the drivers license application form at the DMV
  4. Pay the required fees
  5. Pass the learners permit and vision exams

If you are under 17 and ½ years of age, you are also required:

  1. Complete a California driver's education course
  2. Present proof of attendance from your school
  3. Get your parents authorization

Once you fulfill these requirements and successfully pass your California permit test, you may visit the DMV office and obtain your permit. If you have not taken a drivers education class, you will need to study for the knowledge test and there is no better way to prepare for the CA permit test than by reading the drivers manual (can be downloaded on the CA DMV website free of charge) and taking some free practice permit test California sample questions and see how well you can do on those. Of those, you should not limit yourself to this single test, you should also check out this California DMV practice test and this California practice drivers test. The more you study now, the easier your learners permit test will be, keep telling yourself that whenever you feel too lazy to study!

California Drivers Permit Restrictions

Although your California driver's permit allows you to drive, you have to remember that it is not a valid unrestricted drivers license yet and there are certain California drivers permit restrictions to observe as mandated by the state graduated license program. You may not drive unless supervised by a licensed drivers 25 years old or older, you cannot drive at night and you may not carry more than 1 underage passenger unless member of the immediate family.

Permit Issuance, Replacement and Renewal

The only agency that has the right to issue you with a drivers permit is California Department of Motor Vehicle. If you lose your learners permit or it expires, you would need to contact a local DMV office and they will issue you with a replacement. Replacement and renewal fees may apply.

Remember that the California permit was issued to you so you may practice your driving. It is not intended for recreational purposes and may be withdrawn if you do not observe the California learners permit restrictions.

Upgrading Your Permit to a Drivers License

Once all of the above requirements are met, you may wish to upgrade your learners permit to a regular California drivers license. Keep in mind that upgrading to a license will require you to pass a California driving test at the DMV. The driving test will assess your ability to control the vehicle and to observe all driving rules at the same time. The best way to prepare for the test is to practice as much as you can. You may also wish to employ services of a professional driving instructor who could coach you on maneuvers that will come up of the road skills exam.