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Texas Parent Taught Drivers Education Course 105 - Drivers Ed at Home

Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed Course 105 - Drivers Ed At Home

Texas parent taught drivers education classes provide a convenient and cheaper option of fulfilling the state drivers education requirements. Drivers Ed At Home, which is another state-approved parent taught drivers ed program that comes under #105 in the DPS list, is offered by Drivers License Training School, a commercial driving school that is located in Houston, Texas. Apart from offering Texas parent taught drivers education classes, the school also offers 6-hour adult drivers education classes.

Parent Taught Drivers Education in Texas

Although parent taught drivers education classes is a very convenient option of meeting the state-requirements for drivers education, there are certain procedures that must be done right if you want the Department of Public Safety to accept your results. First of all, look around and find a program that you like. Make sure it fits your budget, parent taught courses vary greatly in price and you can pay anything from $70 to $300 for your class. Once you located the program that you like, make sure that it's approved by the state. There are two ways you can confirm that a drivers education class is approved by the state. First, you can check the DPS website, it lists all approved parent taught classes there are. If you are unable to access the website, you can just call the DPS directly, any clerk should be able to help you with this issue.

Once you located the program that is right for you, you have to apply for parent taught drivers education with the Department of Public Safety. Not everyone is eligible for this type of instruction and that is why the DPS requires every student to submit the application form DL 92 before you can start any classes. A few weeks after you mailed the form in, you are to receive a response from the DPS. If your application was approved, the DPS mails you the DPS parent taught drivers education package that contains the forms required for obtaining your Texas learners permit and a drivers license. Only at this point you are good to start the class. Remember that the state does not accept any course progress made before the package was received, which means that starting the course early has no point, you'll have to redo everything when the package arrives.

Finally, you get to take the lessons. Depending on the course that you chose, you will either have to complete the first six hours or the whole classroom portion of the class before you can visit a drivers license testing center and take your Texas permit test. If you chose a concurrent method of instruction and completed just the first six hours of your parent taught class, you may have to read a Texas driver handbook before taking the permit test. Students who chose to take a block course and completed the whole classroom portion of the class don't need to read the manual, but may still do so.

Parent Taught Drivers Education - Driver Ed At Home

The class offered by the Drivers License Training School comes under number 105 in the list of approved Texas parent taught drivers education classes. The school offers only the book version of the program, neither online drivers ed nor CD-ROM courses are available. You can order the class by phone if you call (713) 227-4409 or by mailing a check/money order to the following address:

Driver Ed At Home
PO Box 230586
Houston, Texas 77223

The program cost $202.43 if you order it by mail or over the phone and $207.53 if you choose to order it through the school's website, which is rather strange.

Once you receive the package with your Drivers Ed at Home course, it should contain the following items:

  • Teacher Manual
  • Student Workbook
  • Laboratory Manual
  • Responsible Driving Textbook
  • DPS Handbook
  • 2 Completion Certificates

We could not locate any information that the class offers Texas practice permit tests which are important for everyone who is preparing for the permit exam. They may be contained in the laboratory manual, but there were no notes about this on the Drivers Ed at Home website.

In our opinion. the class is rather expensive for a set of workbooks with no interactive materials and you can find other options that will be both cheaper and more engaging.

Texas 6 Hour Adult Drivers Ed

The good news is that the school also offers adult drivers education classes that must be completed by all Texas drivers license applicants under 24 years of age. Only in person classes are offered and you can call 713-227-4409 if you wish to reserve a spot in the classroom. The 6 hour program will cost you $195. Once again, this is rather expensive and you may find a much cheaper alternative online.

Other Parent Taught Drivers Ed Courses

The Department of Public Safety in Texas only approves the following Drivers Ed courses:

  1. course #101 - basic driver education course offered by the DPS
  2. course #102 - offered by National Driver Training Institute. CD-ROM or book driver education courses available
  3. course #103 - offered by Driver Ed in a Box. CD-ROM or book driver education courses available
  4. course #104 - offered by Curb Buster. CD-ROM or book driver education courses available
  5. course #105 - offered by Driver Ed at Home. Only book driver education course is available
  6. course #106 - offered by Texas Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association. Only book driver education course is available
  7. course #107 - offered by Virtual Drive of Texas. Computer based CD-ROM driver education course is available
  8. course #108 - offered by DriversEd.com. Online driver education course is available
  9. course #109 - offered by I DRIVE SAFELY. Online driver education course is available