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Kentucky Drivers License Restriction Codes

Kentucky Drivers License Restriction Codes

If you currently hold a Kentucky drivers license, various restrictions may apply to it. Please see the list of Kentucky drivers license restriction codes.

  • F Farm related services
  • I Intrastate Only
  • J Except Class A & B Bus
  • K No air brakes
  • L Except Class A Bus
  • O Except Tractor Trailer
  • Z Except Intracity
  • 0 Valid KY Only
  • 1 Corrective lenses
  • 2 Power brakes
  • 3 Automatic transmission
  • 4 Daylight only
  • 5 Power steering
  • 6 Hand accelerator
  • 7 Hand brake
  • 8 Other
  • 9 Ignition Interlock

If your drivers license is marked by one of these restrictions, you have to abide to it at all times. Failing to observe these restrictions may result in revocation of your drivers license.

In addition to these restrictions, you must also observe the restrictions posed onto you by your drivers license class.