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Indiana Drivers Ed - Indiana Drivers Education

Indiana Drivers Ed - Indiana Drivers Education

Drivers education is an important part of learning how to drive. Even though Indiana laws don’t require everyone to complete the Indiana drivers education class, those who are under 16 will have to do that.

Why Take Drivers Ed In Indiana

The main reason why anyone should take a drivers education class is because drivers ed is proven to make you a better driver and better means safer. Although most teens don’t really think about safety when it comes to driving, it is up to their parents to help them with this part. Indiana drivers education course would teach the teen how to approach driving in a safe and responsible manner.

Another great thing about Indiana drivers education is that it actually teaches you all the skills required to pass both your learners permit test and your drivers license exam. By the time you are done with the course, you usually know your way around the Indiana traffic rules and are also a confident driver - that is the advantage you would not want to refuse.

Take Drivers Ed - Forget About the Driving Test

This is the best part of all. If you do well on your drivers education course and get a “B” score in both the classroom and the driving part, you can avoid taking the driving test at the BMV.

Where Can I Take Drivers Ed

Most students elect to take their drivers education class at high school. However, if your high school is not offering the program, you may want to take the class at a local driving school, most of them offer both driving and classroom instruction for drivers license applicants.

Please note: even though you do not take any exams when you are applying for your drivers education permit, you will still be required to take the written permit test when you will be applying for a regular Indiana learners permit. If you do not feel comfortable taking the permit test, you can prepare with Indiana practice tests.