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Drivers License Endorsements

Drivers License Endorsements

Driver license endorsements are the exact opposite of drivers license restrictions as they provide you with additional driving privileges. Although most of the driver license endorsements concern commercial driver licenses, also called CDLs, some of them can also apply to a regular operator's license. A motorcycle endorsement is a good example, as it gives the driver the right to operate a motor vehicle. A good example of an endorsement that is reserved for commercial driver licenses only is a HAZMAT endorsement that allows for transportation of hazardous materials.

Driver License Endorsement List

Endorsements are usually state-specific and you may always obtain a full list of your state-endorsements by contacting a local Department of Motor Vehicle office. However, just to give you an idea of what driver license endorsements are out there, here is a short list which is based on Florida license endorsements.

  • H. Any vehicle used to transport hazardous materials in placardable amounts.
  • N. A tank vehicle designed to transport any liquid or gaseous material with designed capacity of 1,000 gallons or more.
  • P. Any vehicles, public or private, designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver
  • S. A commercial motor vehicle (requires CDL) used to transport pre-primary, primary, or secondary school students from home to school, from school to home, or to and from school-sponsored events. Does not include a bus used as a common carrier.
  • T. Combination vehicles with double/triple trailers
  • X. Any tank vehicle used to transport placardable amounts of hazardous materials

As you can see, Florida has more than one HAZMAT endorsement and you may have to choose the one that is right for you.

Motorcycle Endorsement

Motorcycle endorsements are not present in every state, some states use different drivers license classes that grant the privilege of operating a motorcycle. Other states will allow you to add a motorcycle (M) endorsement to your regular operator's license. You will need to check your state regulations to see what applies in your case.

Drivers License Restrictions

Sometimes drivers license endorsements and driver license restrictions have the same codes, however they are usually listed separately on a drivers license, so you should not confuse between the two. Unlike license endorsements, driver license restrictions prohibit you from driving unless certain conditions are met. You can find a full list of your state drivers license restrictions in a drivers handbook or by contacting the DMV.

Adding Endorsements To Your License

In order to add additional endorsements to your existing drivers license, you will be required to meet certain requirements. Requirements differ for each endorsements, but if your endorsement allows you to operate a different class of vehicles, you will most likely have to take a knowledge exam and a drivers test to prove that you are capable of handling such vehicles. Additional requirements may include a certain amount of driving experience or a clean driving record.