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Kentucky Drivers Manual Goes Online

Up until now, Kentucky drivers manuals were available to public both online and in hard copy. However, in the recent cut-cost move, the Kentucky state police stopped offering the drivers handbook in hard copy. The only way to get a manual now would be through a library or from the state police website.

Daviess County Circuit Clerk Susan Tierney said her office has been trying to let the public know about the change for several months.

"Once our supply was gone, we knew we weren't going to get any more to replace them," she told the newspaper. "We took some to every high school and to the library and kept a few copies."

Although the drivers license testing is conducted through the country clerk’s office, Kentucky drivers manuals are prepared by state police and the police does not have enough resources to cover it anymore.

Walking in step with the progress and providing an electronic copy of the drivers manual is a great idea, however, the society is not yet ready to switch to the electronic copies only. Not everyone has access to the internet and so certain groups will be disadvantaged while studying for their learners permit exam. Since the state has accepted the graduated drivers license program, everyone is required to pass a written examination before they can be issued with a license.