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Delaware Drivers Ed - Delaware Drivers Education

Delaware Drivers Ed

Drivers education classes is an important part of the graduated drivers license system in Delaware. Although license applicants who are over 18 years of age are not required to complete a driver’s ed class, they should still consider doing so for their own safety.

Delaware GDL

According to the national stats, teenagers belong to a high risk group when it comes to driving. This is why most states, including Delaware, have the graduated drivers license system that involves a multi-level procedure for obtaining a drivers license. This multi-step system ensures that teenagers do not rush through obtaining a license and gain enough driving experience before they are granted a privilege to drive. Compulsory drivers education classes and learner's permit are a an important part of the GDL process.

Driver’s Ed Locations

There are a few places you can take a drivers education course, the first one probably being your high school. Most of the high schools in Delaware offer drivers ed classes as part of their curriculum and it may also count towards your schools grades.

If your school does not offer driver’s education classes or you are not attending a high school, you may consider taking the class through one of the local professional driving schools. This may even be a better option as you will be taught by instructors who made their living teaching drivers ed.

No matter which course you choose, you have to make sure that it is certified by the Delaware DMV. If the course you took is not certified, the DMV will not grant you any credit for it.

Permit Exam

As in most of other states, every Delaware drivers license applicants is required to take a permit exam at the DMV. The permit exam is not hard at all, provided you are prepared for it. The good news is that if you already took a drivers education class, you are most likely very well prepared as the class is even a little more than you need.

Those who did not take driver’s education but still want to prepare should consider going over the Delaware drivers handbook and rubbing it in with some permit practice exams.