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Alaska Drivers Ed - Alaska Drivers Education

Alaska Drivers Ed

Although you are not required to take a drivers education course if you live in Alaska, it may still be a good idea to do so. Alaska is a beautiful state, but it may have very challenging roads in during some seasons and Alaska driver education classes are specifically designed to prepare you for these challenges.

Why Take Drivers Education

The main reason why anyone would take a drivers education class is for their own safety. In most states around the country, drivers education classes are the essential part of the graduated drivers license program and all teenagers who are under 18 years of age are required to go through the program. This is done because statistics show that teens who participate in a driver ed class are much less likely to be involved in a road accident than teens who don’t.

Another reason why you may want to take a drivers ed class in Alaska is because the class will also prepare you for your learners permit and drivers license test. If course, you can just read the drivers manual, take some practice permit tests and hope that this is enough for you. But if you really want to nail that test, you may wish to participate in one of the official driver education programs.

Driver Ed Locations

You can apply for a drivers education class at a local driving school if they offer it. You would need to contact your local driving school to find out if drivers ed is currently on their curriculum.

Online Drivers Ed In Alaska

If you cannot attend a driving class in person, you may take the drivers ed class over the Internet. Not all drivers education classes are certified by the state, so you may want to check the certification through the Alaska DMV first.

The following online driving schools are currently certified by the state:

  • AlaskaDriver.com (888) 714-7425
  • DrivingUniversity.com (877) 937-4846
  • I Drive Safely (800) 723-1955
  • GoToTrafficSchool (888) 329-7069
  • TrafficSchoolOnline (800) 800-3579