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Nevada Drivers Ed - Nevada Drivers Education

Nevada Drivers Ed

According to the current Nevada laws, every drivers license applicant who is under 18 years of age must complete a state-approved Nevada drivers education class. This is quite unusual, as most state require fist time applicants to complete the drivers ed class before they get a learners permit and not after. We advise that you take Nevada drivers education class before you apply for the permit - you will have to take it sooner or later anyway, but taking drivers ed sooner will also prepare you for your written exam. If you need more information on applying for a drivers license, you may go through the Nevada Drivers License Guide.

Why Take Drivers Ed

The answer to this one is very simple - drivers ed does save lives. According to the statistics, teenagers who have completed a Nevada drivers education class are much less likely to be involved in an accident. The government pays heed to statistics and forces all underage drivers to go through a driver awareness program of some sort.

However, you should not worry about drivers ed classes costing you too much - Nevada drivers education courses not only save your life, they also save your money. Most of the insurance companies will provide students who completed drivers ed with a substantial discount for auto insurance, thus you will not lose a penny.

Different Types of Drivers Ed

Depending on the amount of time and money you would like to spend on drivers education, you may choose one of the different programs offered on the market today. At the moment, you are not restricted to taking drivers education in high school - there are many other options. For example, you may think of taking your drivers ed class online. Not only the online drivers education course is convenient - you may take it at your own pace any time, from virtually anywhere - but it is also much cheaper than its in-class counterparts. Online drivers ed classes usually include practice permit tests, which is also a great way to prepare for the written exam at the DMV.

If you do not have internet connection or simply do not like spending time in front of the computer, you may purchase one of the video courses or order a drivers education class on video tapes.

And, if the above versions don’t suit you - there’s always taking the class in a regular driving school.

Wrap Up

Once again - you are not required to complete drivers ed before you apply for your Nevada learners permit - you only need it for your Nevada drivers license, however completing the course before taking the Nevada permit test is much more reasonable and will probably save you some nerves at your written test at the DMV.