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Permit Practice Test AZ Question 63

Railroad crossings are a dangerous place and accidents that involve a train usually lead to devastating consequences. According to statistics, you are 40 times more likely to die in a crash involving a train than you are in a crash with another vehicle. Learning how to use railroad crossings correctly is essential not only for passing the Arizona permit test, it is also crucial for your safety on the road. Today we are looking at one of the questions from the permit practice test AZ sample quiz that covers railroad crossings.

Permit Practice Test Alternatives

While we believe that practice tests do a great job of helping you prepare for your Arizona permit test, you do not have to make them only only study resource and we strongly encourage you to diversify the sources of your learning materials. The Arizona permit book is one of the free options you could choose to prepare for the knowledge exam, just download it off the DMV website and either print it out of read it right off your screen. Since the Arizona drivers permit test is based on the information in the manual, this permit test study guide is really all you need.

Those who don't want to settle for reading the handbook and taking this permit practice test are welcome to register for one of the Arizona drivers education programs. Drivers ed classes will provide more in-depths information on the traffic law and defensive driving tactics that are bound to make you a better driver.

AZ Permit Practice Test Question


A. Check again for approaching trains and proceed with caution
B. Wait for a green light
C. Proceed across the tracks
D. Blow horn and proceed

Let's go ahead and go through each one of these answers in more details to see which one of them is right. Remember that even if you don't know the answer to the question on your real AZ permit test, you can usually deduce and eliminate the answers that are just outright wrong.

Arizona Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this permit practice test AZ sample question tells us that after the train has passed, we need to check again for approaching trains and proceed with caution. This sounds like a very reasonable thing to do, but let's check what other answers hold for us.

Answer B to the practice permit test AZ sample question suggests to wait for a green light after the train has passed. While it would have been great to have all railroad crossings regulated by traffic light, in most cases you will deal with unregulated crossings, especially when you are driving in the countryside.

Answer C to the Arizona practice permit test question suggest to proceed across the tracks as soon as the train passes. The problem with this, especially when we are talking about crossings with multiple tracks, is the fact that there may be another train traveling in another direction that you cannot see since the view is obscured by the train that has just passed. Never assume that there will be just one train and always check for other trains.

Answer D to the Arizona permit practice test question tells us to blow the horn and proceed. Blowing the horn won't have much effect since the train makes a lot of noise on its own and the train operator will not hear your horn. Even if your horn was heard, there is simply no way for a train to stop in time to prevent an accident. It is your responsibility to ensure your safety while crossing the tracks.

Correct Answer To The Arizona Practice Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this permit practice test AZ sample question is A:


You cannot be overcautious when it comes to railroad crossings, you simply can't. Waiting for an extra minute for the train to pass and to clear your field of vision may mean the difference between life and death. Use extra caution and check for danger even if you are at a regulated railroad crossing and the lights are not flashing, they may simply be not working. Listen, as well as look, for trains, sometimes your hearing can provide more information than your vision.

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