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North Dakota Learners Permit Restrictions - ND Driving Permit Rules

North Dakota Permit Restrictions

Due to the fact that there is no graduated drivers license program in North Dakota, permit holders don't need to observe too many permit or license restrictions. However, although the North Dakota permit restrictions are few, you should still know them and follow them at all times. The exact permit restrictions that you need to observe depend on your age and can be found in the North Dakota driver manual. Failure to observe permit restrictions may lead to you losing the driving privileges for some time or to your permit being canceled altogether.

Most of those who apply for a drivers license wonder why do they even have to go through the permit stage and apply for a North Dakota learners permit first. Shouldn't everyone who is able to pass the required tests be awarded full driving privileges right away, since they proved that they are capable of controlling a vehicle and know the state driving rules.

In theory, it could work like that, but in real life, it turns out that people who are able to pass the required tests, such as a North Dakota permit test and a road skills exam, are not always able to safely operate a vehicle. Testing procedures allow the DMV to ensure that the applicant knows the rules and is able to perform all of the basic driving maneuvers. However, driving is way to unpredictable and the DMV cannot test your response in every on road situation. Statistics show us that drivers who just received their first North Dakota drivers license and don't have much driving experience are highly likely to have a traffic accident during their first year of driving, so as you can see, it is not all about being able to pass the tests.

In order to reduce the number of traffic accidents and reduce the risk of you having a traffic accident within the first year of driving, the licensing procedure was divided into a number of steps, such as a permit and a license stage. During the permit stage, you drive under the supervision of another licensed driver who can coach you on the subject of safe driving or physically take control of the vehicle should such need arise. Once you acquired some driving skills, you can take a North Dakota drivers test and get a full unrestricted drivers license that will allow you to start driving alone.

Permit Restrictions - 18 Years of Age and Older

If you are at least 18 years of age, the North Dakota graduated drivers license rules do not apply to you and there is really only one permit restriction you need to observe - no driving alone. Whenever you want to practice driving, you have to have another licensed driver at least 18 years of age with at least one year of driving experience seated next to you. Presence of another driver should reduce the stress you're experiencing and strike some confidence into you, as you know that, should something happen, the supervising driver will be able to take control of the vehicle and correct your mistake.

Although this is the only real restriction, we advise that you also keep in mind the following safe driving practices while you are behind the wheel:

  • Stay alert. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel as much as possible. Mind the traffic around you.
  • No distractions. Don't play with the radio or use a cell phone while driving. Talking on a cell phone is distracting even for experienced drivers and is especially dangerous for those who don't have much driving experience yet.
  • Seat belts. Always wear a seat belt and have everyone else in the car wear one. Your chances of having a traffic accident are significantly higher than those of a more experienced driver, so take safety precautions that will allow everyone to avoid injuries should an accident happen.

Remember that these are not mandatory permit restrictions that are enforced by the DMV, they are just general safety tips that can help you avoid an accident one day.

Permit Restrictions - Under 18 Years of Age

If you are under 18 years of age, there are additional procedures that you need to follow in order to receive a drivers license and there are also other permit restrictions for you to observe. Just like any older driver, you have to start by taking a North Dakota learners permit test. If you want to see what kind of questions come up on the permit test, you can go ahead and take a free North Dakota practice permit test on the site. Once you have a learners permit, you can start driving, provided you observe the following driver permit restrictions:

  • No driving alone. When you are driving, you must have another licensed driver at least 18 years of age with a valid North Dakota drivers license and not less than three years of driving experience accompany you. The supervising driver must be seated in the front seat next to you and should be prepared to take control of the vehicle any time.
  • Passenger restrictions. All passengers must be seated in a rear seat. If no rear seat is available, a passenger can occupy the front seat, but cannot be seated between the permittee and the supervising driver.
  • Seat belts. Everyone in the vehicle must wear a seat belt.
  • No cell phones. Cell phone usage while driving is not allowed.

These learners permit restrictions need to be observed for at least six months before you can take a North Dakota drivers test and receive a drivers license. If you are under 16 years of age at this point, you are issued with a restricted drivers license which still has certain limitations.

Restricted Drivers License

If you were issued with a restricted drivers license, there will be certain restrictions that you have to follow until you are at least 16 years of age. These limitations are outlined in the official North Dakota drivers manual, but here are a few of them:

  • You can only drive a vehicle that belongs to your parents or legal guardians.
  • You cannot carry more passengers than the vehicle manufacturer's suggested capacity. In simple words, the number of passengers you can carry is limited by the number of seat belts in the vehicle.
  • Point system. If you accumulate more than six points on your restricted drivers license, your driving privilege is withdrawn and you have to start the application process from the very beginning. Completion of a North Dakota drivers education class in such case is mandatory.
  • Remember that all North Dakota permit restrictions were designed for your own protection and following these rules is in your best interest.