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Wyoming Drivers License Restrictions

Wyoming Drivers License Restrictions

In some cases, a number of restrictions may be applied to your Wyoming drivers license. These Wyoming driver license restrictions limit your driving privilege to operating a motor vehicle only when certain conditions are met. Driver license restrictions may prevent you from driving a certain type of a vehicle. Some of Wyoming license restrictions are temporary and will be lifted after a certain period of time or when you meet certain DOT requirements. You may always access a full list of Wyoming driver license restrictions codes on the DOT website or in the driver handbook.

List of Wyoming License Restriction Codes

Here is a list of restrictions that may be applied to your Wyoming drivers license:

  • B restriction. Requires corrective lenses to be worn while operating a motor vehicle.
  • C restriction. A license holder may ONLY operate a motor vehicle specially equipped with certain mechanical aids. Special equipment may include special brakes, hand controls and/or other adaptive devices.
  • D restriction. Requires the license holder to wear an artificial limb while operating a motor vehicle.
  • E restriction. Allows ONLY the operation of a motor vehicle with an automatic transmission.
  • F restriction. Allows ONLY the operation of a motor vehicle equipped with both left and right outside rear view mirrors.
  • G restriction. Restricts driving to daylight hours. No driving after sunset is permitted.
  • I restriction. Allows for restrictions not covered by other more specific restriction codes. It may involve a restriction, for instance, on mileage, speed, or alcohol or drug use following a doctor’s medical regimen.
  • J restriction. Makes a driver license issued without a photo valid.
  • K restriction. Limits a commercial driver to operating a commercial vehicle intrastate only (within the borders of a state.)
  • R restriction. Means the license holder may ONLY operate a “motorcycle” vehicle equipped with four wheels and only for recreation.
  • Y restriction. Means the license holder must submit a Driver Vision Evaluation form, completed by an eye specialist, every year.
  • Z restriction. Means the license holder must submit a Driver Medical Evaluation form, completed by a physician or medical specialist, every year.

More than one Wyoming driver license restriction can be applied to your driver license. Some of these restrictions are also applicable to a Wyoming learners permit. In most cases, the DOT clerk will explain what each restriction stands for at the time when a drivers license is issued.

Wyoming Provisional License Restrictions

Provisional license restrictions are part of the Wyoming graduated drivers license program and they are not covered by the restriction codes. The GDL law must be followed by everyone who chooses to obtain a drivers license before the age of 17. The law breaks the licensing process into a number of separate stages and each stage of the process has its own restrictions and requirements. For example, when an applicant passes a Wyoming permit test and receives a Wyoming learners permit, driving is allowed only when a permit is accompanied by another licensed drivers. Other permit restrictions, such as a cell phone ban and mandatory seat belts for everyone in the vehicle, also apply during this stage.

Once the applicant fulfills all permit requirements and passes a Wyoming drivers test, a provisional license is issued. Although possession of a provisional drivers license allows for unsupervised driving, it still holds the following driver license restrictions:

  • Curfew. No driving alone between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Exceptions can be made in cases when there is a supervising driver seated next to you or you are driving to a school or employment related activity for which no other transportation is available.
  • Passenger restrictions. No more than one passenger under the age of 18 unless there is a supervising driver seated next to the licensee.
  • Seat belts. Safety belts must be worn by everyone.
  • No cell phones. You cannot talk on a cell phone or text while driving. No exceptions for hands-free devices.

If an applicant chooses to complete a Wyoming drivers education course, provisional drivers license restrictions can be lifted at the age of 16 ½ years. Those who do not complete a drivers ed class will receive full driving privileges at the age of 17 years. Observance of all Wyoming provisional license restrictions is mandatory. If you are caught breaking these rules, your first offense will be punished with a 30 day license suspension on top of a regular fine. If you want to learn more about the point system and possible punishment for repeat offenders, please refer to the Wyoming driver handbook.