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Kentucky Drivers License Restrictions

Kentucky License Restrictions

A number of different drivers license restrictions exist in Kentucky. In fact, there are a few types of license restrictions out there. First, there are intermediate license restrictions that must be observed by teenagers who passed their driving test and currently hold an intermediate drivers license. These license restrictions are temporary and are eliminated once the licensee graduates to a full driver license. Then there are also restrictions that are placed onto your Kentucky driver license due to a health condition you may have or a limitation of your driving skill. If you have questions regarding a specific Kentucky driver license restriction code, you can always turn to the DMV and they will be able to answer that question.

License Restriction Codes

Although we do our best to review this information and update the list of Kentucky drivers license restriction codes as frequently as possible, the information may get outdated at some point. If you don't find an answer to your question here, do go ahead and call the DMV.

The following drivers license restriction codes can be placed onto a Kentucky drivers license:

  • F Farm related services
  • I Intrastate Only
  • J Except Class A & B Bus
  • K No air brakes
  • L Except Class A Bus
  • O Except Tractor Trailer
  • Z Except Intracity
  • 0 Valid KY Only
  • 1 Corrective lenses
  • 2 Power brakes
  • 3 Automatic transmission
  • 4 Daylight only
  • 5 Power steering
  • 6 Hand accelerator
  • 7 Hand brake
  • 8 Other
  • 9 Ignition Interlock

Code 8 is left for situations not covered by these common restrictions and may be assigned by a the drivers license examiner. An explanation of what the code stands for will be printed on the license.

These codes are usually placed onto your license at the time of the initial issuance, right after you pass your Kentucky driving test. In order to have a restriction removed from your driving license, you will need to prove that the condition that warranted the restriction in the first place no longer applies. For example, if you took the test in a vehicle equipped with automatic transmission and you are restricted to driving such vehicles only, removing this restriction will require taking a driving test in a car equipped with manual transmission.

Intermediate License Restrictions

Intermediate license restrictions are part of the Kentucky graduated driver license program and you should not concern yourself with these limitations if you are over 18 years of age at the moment.

The following intermediate license restrictions are currently active in Kentucky:

  • Curfew. No driving between midnight and 6 a.m. Nighttime driving restrictions can be disregarded if you are driving for employment reason or to/from school activities.
  • Passenger restrictions. You are not allowed to carry more than one passenger under the age of 20 years.

These intermediate license restrictions need to be observed for at least 180 days. During this period, the licensee if to complete a DMV approved Kentucky drivers education course or a 4 hour pre-licensing course. If you already completed a drivers ed course before you received your Kentucky drivers permit, you don't have to repeat it now.

Keeping a clean driving record is very important, especially during this stage. Although the regular holding period for an intermediate license is 180 days, this period is restarted if you are convicted of a moving violation. Don't complicate your own life and drive safely.

Drivers Permit Restrictions

Permit restrictions are another importance part of the graduated license program. Once you pass your Kentucky permit test and receive the permit, you can start practicing driving while being supervised by another licensed driver (take this free Kentucky driver's practice test if you have not taken the knowledge exam yet). Here's a short list of drivers permit restrictions that may apply to you:

  • No driving alone. Whenever you are operating a vehicle, make sure to have a supervising driver at least 21 years of age seated in the front seat next to you.
  • Curfew. No nighttime driving is allowed between midnight and 6 a.m.
  • No cell phones. You cannot use a cell phone or any other communication device while driving.

Remember, this list is incomplete, if you want more information about the subject, make sure to check out this article about Kentucky permit restrictions. Alternatively, you may refer to the DMV website or the official Kentucky drivers license book.

Although these permit and license restrictions may seem as quite a nuisance now, they may save your life one day, so make sure to treat them seriously.