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Wyoming Drivers Ed - Wyoming Drivers Education

Wyoming Drivers Education

Although the Department of Transportation in Wyoming does not enforce compulsory drivers education classes, it encourages teen drivers to participate in the program by offering some bonuses to those who complete the course. If you are under 17 years of age and you choose to complete one of the Wyoming drivers education classes, you will be awarded with your unrestricted license 6 months sooner than those who do not take the class.

Graduated Drivers License

Driver's ed classes are part of the Wyoming graduated license system, the system that was designed to make the roads safer for young motorists. Teenager drivers have the highest accident rates among all age groups due to the lack of driving experience and failure to treat driving seriously. Driver's education classes teach teen drivers the dangers of driving while supervised driving hours allow them to get some driving experience in a relatively safe environment.

Why Take Drivers Education Classes

If you are over 17 years of age, the state does not force you into taking a drivers education course prior to applying for your Wyoming driver license. However, this does not mean that you cannot benefit from taking the course.

Whether you are applying for a learners permit or a drivers license, the Department of Transportation requires you to take a Wyoming permit test. The test covers Wyoming driving law and road signs and you will need to demonstrate good knowledge of these subjects. There are many ways to prepare for the exam, but taking a driver education class is probably the best one. If you are taking a drivers ed program at one of the driving schools, your progress will be constantly monitored by a licensed driving instructor with years of experience who can guide you in the right direction and help you overcome any problems you may have.

If you want some extra study materials for your drivers education class, you can obtain a free copy of the Wyoming drivers manual from the DOT office or download it online. The drivers handbook contains the answers to any driving-related question you may have and should be your primary source of information when studying for the exam. Taking a few practice permit tests won't hurt either.

If you are under 17 years of age, completion of a state-approved driver education program will allow you to swap your Wyoming learners permit for a full unrestricted drivers license 6 months sooner.

Here is another bonus for those who still cannot choose whether they should partake in a drivers ed program. Those who complete a state-approved drivers education class can avoid taking a Wyoming drivers test. Just make sure to bring your certificate of completion to the DOT when you apply for a drivers license. The certificate is only valid for two years, if you miss this time frame, it will not be good for waiving the driving exam.

Finally, there is a matter of money. Drivers ed graduates are statistically shown to be safer drivers than those who do not complete the program. Insurance companies honor this by offering car insurance discounts to those clients who choose to take the class.

Drivers Ed Classes

Drivers education classes are largely provided by high schools and you can check with your school officials where you will be able to take the program at school. If drivers ed is not offered at your school, you can also turn to the commercial driving schools.

When shopping for the drivers education class, make sure it is endorsed by the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Results for drivers education classes that were not certified by the state will not be accepted.