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Texas Drivers Handbook

Texas Driver Manual - Texas Drivers Handbook

The 2013 Texas drivers handbook is an invaluable resource, whether it is time for you to apply for the Texas drivers license or you want to brush up on the state driving rules. Your 2013 Texas drivers manual always contains the most up-to-date information and answers to virtually any driving related question you may have. While the official Texas permit book does not contain any study questions, have no fear! We have a free Texas permit practice test with unlimited sample questions that will get you through your real Texas permit test in a breath. We advise that every driver always keeps a copy of the 2013 Texas driver's handbook in the car for future reference, you never know when it may come in handy!

Types of Texas Drivers Books

If you are looking to obtain a regular Texas drivers license that allows you to operate most of the conventional vehicles, you only need to concern yourself with the basic DPS drivers handbook. However, if you decide to obtain a commercial or motorcycle license, you may want to study the corresponding manuals. At the moment, the Department of Public Safety in Texas offers the following publications:

  • Texas drivers license handbook (this is a regular driver manual)
  • Texas commercial drivers license handbook
  • Texas motorcycle handbook

Both the commercial and motorcycle driver's handbooks come as add-ons to the regular Texas drivers manual and you are expected to study the regular manual first.

Texas Driver Handbook Contents

Your Texas drivers handbook is structured in the way that is very similar to driver books for other states. It opens with a message from the director of the Department of Public Safety, continues on with the description of the licensing procedure and then covers Texas driving laws and road signs. The book used to contain a number of study questions you could use when preparing for the knowledge exam at the DPS, but they have been removed in the later editions of the handbook. Don't worry, though, you can still study the rules with this free Texas permit practice test that covers almost everything you need to know on your exam. If you are still not satisfied after taking the sample quiz, go ahead and do other practice tests that we have online, such as this Texas DMV practice test or the Texas drivers license practice test. Doing as many practice questions as possible will see that you pass your knowledge exam the first time you take it! Having said all that, we still recommend that you finish reading the whole book before you start taking practice tests!

The table of contents for the 2013 Texas driver's handbook looks as following:

  • Your license to drive
  • Vehicle inspection and registration
  • Safety (Financial) Responsibility
  • Right-of-Way
  • Signals, Signs and Markers
  • Signaling, Passing and Turning
  • Stopping, Standing or Parking
  • Speed and Speed Limits
  • Some Special Driving Situations
  • How Alcohol and Drugs Affect a Person's Ability to Drive
  • Driving While Intoxicated - Driving Under the Influence of Drugs - Penalties
  • Zero Tolerance Law
  • Motor Vehicles Crashes
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Bicycle Vehicle Law and Safety
  • Additional Safety Tips
  • Sharing the Roads with Motorcyclists
  • Special Requirements for Commercial Motor Vehicles
  • Safety Practices
  • Registration of Vehicles

At the back of the drivers manual, you can also find a list of all driver license offices where you can apply for your Texas learner's permit or conduct any other driving-related business.

Things to Study in Texas Drivers Book

Most of the drivers use the driver's manual while preparing to take the Texas permit test and the questions that pops into everyone's mind is “do I have to learn all this to pass the permit exam at the DPS?”. Sadly, the answer to this question is yes, you do have to know pretty much all of the things presented in your Texas drivers manual if you want to pass the exam. Of course, there is no point in memorizing the locations for all license offices out there, but when it comes to the traffic law, safe driving habits and road signs - you have to know those by heart.

If you already passed your learners permit test, don't rush to throw the drivers handbook away, since it also tells you exactly what you need to know to pass your Texas driving test. It lists all maneuvers you are expected to perform and things you will be graded on during the test. Once done with the driving test, just throw your copy of the Texas drivers manual to the trunk and pull it out any time you want to refresh your memory.

If the drivers manual seems a little confusing or you are looking for some extra study materials, you can turn to one of the Texas drivers education classes that are offered both online and at conventional classrooms. According to the recent law that was passed on in Texas, if you are under 26 years of age, you have to take a compulsory 6 hour adult drivers ed class before you can get a license. Why not take an advantage of this and take the class before you apply for the permit? Teenagers, on the other hand, have to complete a state-approved class if they want to get a license before they turn 18. Underage drivers can choose between taking drivers ed at school or signing up for one of the parent taught drivers ed classes.

Places to Get Texas Drivers Manual

You can obtain a copy of Texas driver's handbook at your local drivers license office or you may simply log into the DPS's website and download a copy of the 2013 Texas drivers manual online. The online drivers handbook is provided as a PDF file and you can either read it on your screen or print it out.