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Parent Taught Drivers Ed - Parent Taught Drivers Education

Although most states currently have Graduated Drivers License programs and the majority adopted the need for drivers education courses, only a few states currently offer parent taught drivers ed courses. All other states limit parental involvement in the process to mere driving supervision, but the parent taught drivers education programs are not made available. The situation with parent taught drivers ed programs clearly calls for a change, as more and more parents want to get involved in the education process.

What Is Parent Taught Drivers Ed?

Parent taught drivers education course puts the student’s parent into instructor’s seat and lets them take responsibility for formation of their child’s driving behavior. In Texas and Oklahoma, parents can obtain parent taught drivers ed packages from the Department of Public Safety or commercial driving schools that offer such products. Following the instructions in the drivers ed package, the parent guides the student through a series of exercises, each one bringing the student to the next level.

Parent Taught or Conventional Drivers Ed?

The main advantage of the parent taught drivers education is the fact that the parent is able to oversee and control the learning process, something that cannot be done if the student takes the conventional drivers ed course at a commercial school. Schools usually provide drivers education classes, with 10-20 students being present on each lesson and the instructor simply does not have enough time to oversee everyone’s progress. With parent taught drivers ed, the parent has the opportunity to lead the student through the whole process, paying more attention to problematic areas and ensuring that the student does not miss anything essential.

Another great thing about parent taught drivers education is that it is actually less stressful for the student. Can you be sure that the instructor teaching your son will have enough patience for him? This does not mean that every instructor out there will try to insult your student, but it does happen quite frequently. There is no way to guarantee that it will not happen to you. Learning to drive is a stressful process on its own, there is no need to add more stress to it.

State Specific Parent Taught Driver Education

Parent taught drivers ed courses are part of the graduated drivers license system that is currently in place almost everywhere around the country. The rules and regulation vary between states, so you would need to check if the driver education course provider complies with your state regulations. Don’t just settle for any parent-taught drivers ed program, do your research, shop around and you are sure to find something that will satisfy you. You are looking to achieve a Texas driver license, you may wish to seethe list of approved Texas parent taught drivers education courses. If you currently reside in Oklahoma, you may also utilize the Oklahoma parent taught drivers education.

Block vs Concurrent

At the moment, there are two types of parent taught drivers ed courses - block and concurrent. If the parent taught program is said to utilize the block method, it means that your student will have to complete the whole theoretical part first, obtain a permit, and proceed to the driving section. Concurrent programs offer mixed lessons, when the student is taking both theory and driving at once.

Permit testing

Although the parent taught packages allow you to complete the whole program at the convenience of your home, the learners permit and drivers license testing must be conducted at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the Department of Public Safety (DPS). You may wish to take a free practice permit test before you go in for the real one.

Whichever parent taught drivers education course you choose, make sure that you are always attentive and thorough with the lessons. Your dedication to the program is what will count in the end.