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NYS Permit Practice Test Question 64

Sometimes there may be a need for you to stop quickly, whether to avoid some danger or because of your car malfunctioning. Keep in mind that even though other drivers are advised to keep a safe following distance, not everyone follows this rule and if you perform an emergency stop at high speed, you may be rear-ended by another vehicle. Stopping in a safe manner is one of many defensive driving techniques you may learn that will not only help you pass your NYC permit test, but will make you a safer and more confident driver. Our NYS permit practice test has a number of questions on defensive driving techniques and today we are looking at one of such questions on doing the emergency stop.

NY Permit Test Study Resources

While there are many different ways to prepare for your NYC permit test, some ways are definitely better than others. We found that reading the New York drivers manual is crucial for learning the rules of the road and successfully passing the test. If you were to choose one and only one thing to do before you hit the DMV office to take the New York state permit test, this is what you should do.

The NYS permit practice test should be taken only once you read the handbook, there is really not much good in taking the test before you read the study guide, as you will only be able to memorize the answers but not understand why they are true. Make sure to start with the book and then continue on to taking practice tests.

New York Permit Test Question


A. Look over your shoulder for traffic in your blind spot
B. Use your emergency brake
C. Quickly tap your brake pedal a few times
D. Get ready to blow your horn

Let us reason through the answers together and find the correct one. Remember that in most cases, even if you don't know the right answer, you can pick out couple of options that are completely wrong and improve your chances of answering the question correctly.

NYS Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the NYS permit practice test tells us that if we need to slow down or stop when other vehicles may not expect it, we should look over your shoulder for traffic in your blind spot. There is no need to do this as usually it's not the vehicles that are in your blind spot that you need to watch out for while doing the emergency stop, it's the vehicles traveling directly behind you. You need to check your blind spots when changing lanes, now when slowing down.

Answer B to the NYC permit practice test question offers us to use the emergency brake in such situations. This is probably the worst thing you can do. When you are using the emergency brake, your tail lights do not come on so drivers traveling behind you will not be alerted to this maneuver. On top of this, using an emergency brake and high speed may result in the wheels locking up and the car going into a skid.

Answer C to the New York state practice permit test tells us to quickly tap the brake pedal a few time before beginning the emergency stop maneuver. This will cause your tail lights to flash a few times and attract the attention of drivers traveling behind you so they may start slowing down or change lanes.

Answer D to the NYS permit practice test question tells us to get ready to blow your horn. This option is as safe as it is useless. No one will understand why you are honking and so no one will take any action.

Correct Answer To NYS Permit Practice Test Question

The correct answer to this NYS permit practice test question is C:


Tapping the brake pedal a few times causes your tail lights to come on and off, which acts as a warning signal, just like the emergency lights. This will attract attention of those traveling behind you so they may prepare for your emergency stop maneuver.

Having said all that, we still advise you to refrain from making sudden stops, especially if you are traveling on a highway. Stopping too rapidly is dangerous for you and other drivers and should only be used in case of an emergency when there is no way for you to stop slowly.

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