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Kentucky Drivers Ed - Kentucky Drivers Education

Kentucky Drivers Ed

Although drivers education classes are not compulsory for Kentucky drivers license applicants who are over 18 years of age, it is still a good idea to take the class. License applicants who are under 18 years of age are required to take a Kentucky drivers education class in order to upgrade to the intermediate license.

Kentucky GDL

According to the national stats, teenagers are in the high risk group when it comes to driving. Some blame it on reckless behavior, others on lack of education and little driving experience. In order to change the situation, Kentucky has introduced a graduated drivers license program that targets the teens and makes them go through a multi-step process of obtaining a drivers license. Kentucky drivers education classes are part of this program and a very important part at that. Drivers ed classes are engineered to provide teenager with the top-quality lessons that cover all aspects of driving. Statistics show that drivers who completed a drivers education class are much less likely to be involved in an car accident and that fact alone should make everyone consider taking one of the classes.

Who Needs Kentucky Driver Education

If it was up to us, the answer would be - “everyone!”. Although the state only makes those students under 18 years of age take a Kentucky driver ed class, license applicants who are over 18 should not dismiss it. The class will provide you with detailed information on rules of the road, traffic signs and teach you safe driving skills.

Better yet, the drivers ed class can prepare you for your permit test. All Kentucky drivers license and Kentucky learners permit applicants are required to take a written examination at the DDL and this is your chance you get quality education for the exam.

If you skipped on drivers ed, but still need to study for the test, you may want to check out the drivers manual and some permit practice tests.

Where Can I Take The Class

You can take a drivers ed class in your high school, a local driving school or you can take one of the classes provided by the DDL. Please note that Kentucky does not approve online drivers education classes as of yet and if you are about to purchase any program on the web, you should check its certification with the DDL first.