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Stricter Laws For Indiana Learners Permit

It is a widely known fact that teenagers are a frequent cause of traffic accidents. Some of the reasons that put teens into a high risk group are lack of drivers education, failure to treat driving seriously and proneness to risk taking behavior. Usage of cell phones, texting, playing with the radio dial - these are just a few of the things commonly practiced by many teens.

Indiana lawmakers are trying to fight this situation with changes to Indiana legislative system. One of the first changes would raise the minimum Indiana learners permit age to 15 and ½ years old and introduce 50 hours of supervised driving, 10 of which must be done at night. Indiana will also introduce a curfew that will be starting at 10 PM, with no teens allowed on the road during this time. Cell phone usage will also be banned.

Similar laws have been passed on in the majority of other states and they are proven to save lives. According to Triple AAA, such changes to the legislative system brought the number of teen accidents down by 40%. This should be a welcome change for all Indiana drivers license holders.