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Practice Permit Test Michigan Test Question 41

Today's question from the practice permit test Michigan sample quiz is for those who want to brush up on their road signs and pavements markings. For some reason, quite a few people study the roal rules but fail to invest any time at all into learning the signs, thinking that they will be able to just wing it. Sadly, this rarely works and most of these people fail their Michigan permit test at the DMV. If you don't want to be one of them, make sure to spend some time crunching the signs, they are not hard, but require some attention.

Practice Permit Test Question

The question we are looking at today is quite simple and basic, straight from the Michigan drivers manual. If you don't have the book yet - now it the time to get it. The manual is free, you can download it from the DMV website and either print it out or just read it off the screen, whatever you find more convenient. Don't dismiss it just because it is free - it is probably the most thorough and complete resource on Michigan driving rules.

“This Michigan road sign means:”

Regulatory Sign | Michigan Permit Test A. No U-turn
B. No turning
C. No left turn
D. No right turn

Keep reading if you want to find out the right answer. Those who want an extra point can also guess what kind of a sign this is:regulatory, warning or guide signs.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this Michigan test practice quiz suggests that this sign prohibits U-turns. Sounds logical, the sign does look as if it prohibits you to turn around and go in the opposite direction.

Answer B to the Michigan practice permit test tells you that this sign prohibits any turning. This is not correct and you can actually make a left turn on this sign.

Answer C to this practice permit test Michigan sample quiz claims that the sign prohibits left turns. This does not look correct and there is actually a separate sign that prohibits left turns.

Answer D to the Michigan permit practice test tells us that this road sign prohibits the right turn. It is highly unlikely that anyone would choose this option, since the arrow is actually pointing in the opposite direction.

Correct Practice Test Answer

The correct answer to this sample Michigan permit test question is A:

“This Michigan road sign means no U-turn”

This is one of the regulatory signs, the signs that tell you what you must do, or must not do, according to the law. If you were to learn only one type of road signs (although you still have to learn all of them), these would be the signs to commit to memory. These are the signs of top importance, that's why they use the red and white color scheme that is highly visible and attracts everyone's attention. Breaking the directions given by these signs will not only see you cited and fined, by breaking the directions given by the signs you may be placing yourself and other drivers around you in danger.

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