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Wyoming Drivers License Endorsements

Wyoming Driver License Endorsements

Driver license endorsements may help you add additional driving privileges to your existing Wyoming drivers license. Most of the Wyoming drivers license endorsement apply to commercial driver licenses, however there are a few endorsements that are also applicable to a regular operator's license. A good example of such endorsement is a Wyoming motorcycle endorsement that grants you the right to operate a motorcycle.

Wyoming Drivers License Endorsement List

At the moment, the following endorsements may be added to your Wyoming drivers license:

  • H (HazMat) endorsement authorizes the operation of a vehicle transporting hazardous materials.
  • N endorsements allow the operation of vehicles designed to transport, as a primary cargo, any liquid, bulk or gaseous material within a tank having a designed capacity of 1,000 gallons or more and attached to the vehicle.
  • P endorsement authorizes the operation of a vehicle designed to transport 16 or more people, including the driver. It authorizes the driver, age 18 or older, to be hired to operate a bus (W.S. 31-7-102(a)(iii)) used for the transportation of passengers.
  • S endorsement authorizes the driver to operate a bus or any motor vehicle as defined in W.S. 31-7-102 (a) (iii) used for the transportation of preschool, elementary or secondary school students from home to school, school to home or to and from school-sponsored events.
  • T endorsement authorizes the operation of a Class “A” vehicle while pulling more than one trailer.
  • X endorsements represent a combination of “H” and “N” endorsements.
  • K endorsement prohibits the operation of a Class A or B vehicle or a commercial Class C vehicle equipped with air brakes.

NOTE: Before a HazMat endorsement is granted, the federal Transportation Security Administration must complete a security threat assessment, including background records' checks and fingerprinting, to determine if the applicant poses a security threat. Once completed, the applicant is notified of the results in a letter from TSA. Such an assessment is required at least every five years.

You may find these driver license endorsements and explanations of what various classes of driver licenses are for in the official Wyoming drivers handbook or at the Department of Transportation website.

Motorcycle Endorsement

A motorcycle endorsement M can be added to an existing operator's drivers license or a Wyoming learners permit. If you do not possess a valid Wyoming drivers license, you would have to apply for a separate Wyoming motorcycle drivers license.

Drivers License Restrictions

Apart from granting you additional driving privileges with these driver license endorsements, the DOT may also slap some driver's license restrictions onto your driver license. These driver license restrictions may limit your driving privileges to operating a certain type of vehicles or prohibit you from driving unless certain conditions are met.

Adding Endorsements to Your Wyoming Driver License

In most cases, you will have to satisfy certain requirements before additional endorsements can be added to your driver license. Such requirements may include taking a knowledge exam and a Wyoming drivers test on the vehicle you plan on operating. Some endorsements will require completion of a special Wyoming drivers ed class. Please contact the DOT to find out what rules apply in your case.