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Massachusetts Permit Practice Test Question 67

Passing is one of the most dangerous maneuvers you will have to perform since it frequently involves moving into the lane with oncoming traffic. It is very important to observe all driving and safety rules while passing other vehicles, failure to do so may endanger you and other drivers on the road, that's why there are so many Massachusetts permit test questions that deal with passing. Since we want you to be fully prepared for your Mass permit test and for your future on the road, we also included a number of questions on passing into our Massachusetts permit practice test and today we are looking at one of such questions a little closer.

Permit Study Guide

You will not believe how many people contact us looking for some study guides, people who are prepared to pay money for obtaining these study guides. Fortunately, you don't have to spend a dime to learn traffic rules and prepare for your Massachusetts permit test, everything you need is contained in the Massachusetts drivers manual, the book that is available for download on the MA RMV website. The book is usually published on a yearly basis to reflect all significant changes to the vehicle codes and it should always be used as the first point of research by anyone getting ready to apply for a drivers license in Massachusetts.

What's even more important to you is that the entire MA permit test is based on the information presented in this handbook, this is why we can safely call it the Massachusetts permit study guide. Road signs, traffic rules, rules of overtaking and passing, defensive driving techniques - you will find everything you need in this book. Make sure to pick up a copy and read it before you start taking any practice tests.

Practice Permit Question


A. Flash your headlights to alert the driver
B. Turn on your four-way flashers to warn the driver
C. Give the proper turn signal to show you are changing lanes
D. Sound your horn to get the drivers attention

Those who know the right answer to this Massachusetts permit test question can scroll down to the end of the page to verify if it is right. If you want an explanation for each one of these options, please read on.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Massachusetts permit practice test suggest that you should flash you headlights to alert the driver that you are about to pass. There is one big problem with this: since you usually use high beams when you are flashing your headlights, you may simply blind the driver in front of you instead of warning him about your intentions.

Answer B to the MA practice permit test tells us to turn on your four-way flashers before passing the driver in front of you. Four-way flashers are used as an emergency signal, no one will understand that you are about to pass if you turn them on. The only effect you may yield from using emergency flashers is that drivers behind you may increase the following distance since they will be anticipating that you will want to pull over and stop.

Answer C to the MA learners permit practice test tells us to give the proper turn signal to show you are changing lanes. So far, this looks like the most reasonable answer that will alert other drivers around you about your intentions.

Answer D to the Mass permit practice test question tells us to sound the horn to get the other driver's attention. While it will definitely attract his attention, it is highly unlikely that the driver will understand what you are about to do. Moreover, the driver may start thinking that there may be something wrong with his vehicle or that you are trying to attack him so he may either stop rapidly or increase speed, either way making it more difficult to pass him.

Correct Answer To Massachusetts Permit Test

The correct answer to this Massachusetts permit test question is C:


There is actually a very simple procedure you can follow when passing someone that may be summarized in 4 steps:

  1. Make sure there are no vehicles in the passing lane. If you are crossing a broken yellow line, make sure you can see at least 400 feet ahead of you. Check your mirrors and blind spots.
  2. Switch your turn signal on, move into the passing lane.
  3. Maintain your speed until you are past the other vehicle, you should be able to see the vehicle's headlights in your mirror
  4. Signal right, move back into your lane, switch the signal off

This is it. Keep following these simple rules and you will pass your knowledge exam in no time at all!

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