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Permit Practice Test Indiana Question 85

Why is it important to learn when it is appropriate to use headlights and when should you use high beams as opposed to using low beams? Not knowing the answer to this question may not only cause you to fail the Indiana permit test, but may place you and other drivers on the road in danger in the future. Using your headlights with high beam can be just as bad as not having your headlights on, you may blind other drivers on the road and cause them to crash. Learn the appropriate way to use your headlights with this free permit practice test Indiana sample question.

Sample Question


A. 100
B. 200
C. 500
D. 1000

The correct answer is located at the end of the page, but we suggest that you read the reasoning for each option first. It is very important to learn how to work through Indiana permit test questions, as it will help you figure out the answers to those questions you might be unsure about during the real exam. You may also search the official Indiana driver's manual for the answer to this question. Unfortunately, the Indiana BMV does not provide a single file you could download and print out, but you may download the manual chapter by chapter (hint: the answer to this permit practice test question is located in chapter 5).

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this permit practice test Indiana question states that you must use your headlights when other vehicles are not visible from 100 feet away. This would be a very limited field of vision and you would only encounter such conditions when there is heavy rain or fog. You should definitely turn your headlights on before conditions are so severe, this answer is incorrect.

Answer B to the Indiana practice permit test question suggests that you should switch the headlights on when the visibility drops below 200 feet. This is actually a trick answer, since those who read the manual have seen this number in the book. However, 200 feet is a minimum distance between you and the vehicle in front of you when you are allowed to use high beam. If you approach closer, you must switch to low beam. This answer is not correct.

Answer C to the Indiana learners permit practice test question offers us to use headlights when other vehicles are not visible from 500 feet away. This looks like a reasonable answer. At the same time, 500 is a minimum distance to an oncoming vehicle that warrants the use of high beam headlights, as soon as the vehicle comes closer than 500 feet, you must switch to low beam.

Answer D to the practice permit test Indiana question suggests that you must use your headlights when other vehicles are not visible from 1000 feet. This is incorrect.

Correct Answer To The Indiana BMV Test

The correct answer to this Indiana permit test question is C:


Remember that there is no harm in using low beam headlights any time you deem the visibility to be poor, be that fog, snow or heavy rain. Low beam headlights won't blind anyone, you can pop them on and make yourself more visible to other drivers. In fact, some European countries mandate that headlights must be on whenever the vehicle is moving, during day and night.

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