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PA Practice Permit Test Question 70

Warning road signs are an important part of the road infrastructure and you should learn them well before you hit the road, not just because there are Pennsylvania permit test questions on road signs, but because knowing and obeying the signs will make your driving experience much safer and more pleasant. Warning signs are a group of road signs that warn you about something up ahead on the road, be that an upcoming curve, intersection or school zone. Our PA practice permit test has plenty of questions on warning road signs in Pennsylvania, make sure to check it out if you are looking for more practice questions.

Pennsylvania Practice Question


Warning Sign | Permit Test PA A. Left curve ahead
B. Series of curves
C. Set of curves ahead
D. Slippery when wet

Don't know the answer yet or simply would like to learn all road signs before getting down to practice questions? Looking for extra study materials? Make sure to check out the official Pennsylvania driver's manual, the book that is provided absolutely free of charge by the state. The PennDOT (Pennsylvania DMV) did a great job with the drivers handbook, it is definitely one of the best driver handbooks in the whole country. The book is divided into chapters that cover specific sections of the PA traffic rules and one of those sections is dedicated to road signs. Make sure to pick up the copy of the book before you start taking practice questions here.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the PA practice permit test question tells us that this sign warns us about a left curve ahead. While it may seem that this answer is correct since the car track shows that it swerved to the left, it is not the right answer and there is a different “left curve ahead” warning sign designed specifically for such situations.

Answer B to the PA permit practice test question suggests that this sign means that there is a series of curves up ahead. Once again, this answer is incorrect, there is a different road sign that warns drivers about a series of curves up ahead and on the road, it may also be called “winding road”.

Answer C to the Pennsylvania practice permit test question states that this sign warns us about a set of curves ahead. While this is not the right answer, we wanted to stress the difference between the sign that is installed before a series of curves and the one that is installed before a set of curves. The sign that warns you about a set of curves means that the road will curve in one direction, and then turn back in the direction you were traveling in. When you see a sign for the series of curves, it means that the road ahead will be generally curvy and you may expect it to turn more than once or twice.

Answer D to the PA permit test practice quiz tells us that this sign warns us that the road may be slippery when wet. This looks like the best option out there.

Correct PA Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Pennsylvania permit test question is D:


Generally, you don't need to do anything special when you see this sign and the road is dry. However, you should definitely take precautions when the road is wet. Such precautions may include, but are not limited to reducing your speed, increasing the following distance and avoid and rash actions. Try to avoid accelerating or braking rapidly, if you need to slow down, do so gradually or your car may be thrown into a skid.

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