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Kentucky Permit Test Question 99

Correctly identifying and understanding traffic signals is essential for your safety while driving. There are not that many traffic signals for you to learn, but you must really commit them to your memory and follow them every time. Learning all traffic signals will also help you pass your Kentucky permit test the first time, since the Ky permit test has a number of questions that cover road signs and traffic signals. Our Kentucky practice permit test was designed specifically to help you learn the state driving laws, road signs and traffic signals and today we are looking at one of such questions that deals with a flashing yellow light.

Practice Test Question


Flashing Yellow Light | Traffic Signals
A. Slow down and proceed with care

B. Continue through if the way is clear

C. Stop and proceed when a green light appears

D. Stop and proceed when the way is clear

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Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Kentucky drivers permit test question suggests that when you see a flashing yellow light, you may simply slow down and proceed through the intersection with care. This seems like a reasonable answer, but let's look at other options we were offered. Never make the mistake of answering the question before you read through all option during your KY permit test, it may be a trick question and you may see a better option down below.

Answer B to the KY permit test question tells us that you can continue through the intersection without even slowing down, as long as the intersection is clear. This answer is somewhat illogical. If you don't slow down, you won't have enough time to notice if the intersection is clear, there may be cross traffic that you simply won't be able to see until it is too late.

Answer C to the Kentucky permit test question offers you to stop and proceed when a green light appears. This answer would have been correct if you saw a steady yellow light, since a steady yellow light means that the traffic signal is about to change from green to red and it requires you to stop. A flashing yellow signal, on the other hand, does not require you to stop and and wait for a green light.

Answer D to the permit test KY question claims that you must always stop and then proceed only when the way is clear when there is a flashing yellow signal. This is incorrect, a flashing red signal acts as a STOP sign, a flashing yellow signal does not require you to stop.

Correct Answer

The correct answer to this Kentucky permit test question is A:


This is it, it is as simple as that. When you see a flashing red signal, you must treat it as a stop sign. When you see a flashing yellow signal, slow down, look around and proceed with caution. If the traffic light is not functioning, treat the intersection as if it is a four-way stop sign intersection.

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