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Georgia Permit Practice Test Question 19

Night driving is always harder than driving during the day: the visibility is limited, you are less alert, there are many distractions on the road. You vehicle is equipped with various systems that help you improve the situation, however you have to know how to use these systems correctly. For example, headlights, if not used properly, may blind other drivers and cause a traffic accident. Today's Georgia permit practice test question looks at the appropriate way of using the headlights. Questions like this one frequently appear on the real Georgia learners permit test, so make sure not to dismiss it.

Permit Practice Test Question

For this question, you must point out the option that is NOT TRUE.

“You must use your headlights:”

A. Between one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise
B. Any time when it is raining
C. Any time when visibility is limited

There are three answers to choose from, remember that you must select that statement that is NOT TRUE. Scroll down the page to check if your answer is correct or read on for the explanation for each one of the answers. We also urge you to go ahead and study the Georgia permit book, you can find the information about using your headlights on page 56 of the current manual.

Answers To The Permit Test Question

Answer A to the Georgia permit practice test question tells us that headlights must be on between one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise. While this looks like the correct answer at the first glance, it's actually a trick answer. According to the current Georgia traffic law, your headlights must be on between one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise.

Answer B to the permit practice test GA sample quiz suggests that we are required to use the headlights any time when it's raining. This is correct and the drivers handbook confirms this. Using your headlights when it is raining makes you more visible to other drivers.

Answer C to the practice permit test GA sample question tells us that we must use the headlights any time when visibility is limited. This also checks out. Using the headlights will allow you to see better and to be seen by other drivers. While this is a must for everyone, it's especially important for those who have black or near black vehicles. In low visibility, such vehicles are virtually invisible, unless the headlights are on.

Correct Answer To The Learners Permit Test Question

You might have already guessed that in order to answer this Georgia permit test correctly, you should select option A, since it is the only one which is incorrect. According to the official permit book:

“you must use your headlights between one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise”

We also wanted to demonstrate a very important point with this question. You must read permit test questions very carefully as the answer is not always obvious and the DDS will try to mask some of the questions in similar fashion. Make sure you truly understand the question before you answer it.

As always, good luck on your Georgia learners permit test at the DDS!

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