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Pennsylvania Parent or Guardian Consent Form DL 180 TD

If you are applying for the Pennsylvania learners permit before you turn 18, you will need to have your parent or guardian sign the Parent or Guardian Consent form. By signing form DL 180 TD the parent agrees to accept responsibility for any damages that may be caused by the teen driver.

Where Can I Get The Consent Form

If you have access to the Internet, you can download DL-180 TD from the DMV website. The form can also be filled in on your computer before you print it out, so it does not have to be filled in by hand. Just click on the corresponding field on the form and you will be able to enter all your information there.

If you don't have access to the Internet, you can obtain the consent form and the learners permit application form from your local DMV office. Please note that you have to obtain the application form DL 180 prior to your appointment for the learners permit testing because it needs to be filled in by a medical practitioner.

Signing DL 180 TD

The parent consent form can be filled in at home, but it must be signed in front of the DMV clerk or a notary public so the parental signature can be notarized.

No Parental Consent

The rules on this matter are quite simple - if you do not get parental consent, you will not be able to obtain the drivers license until you are 18. The parent also has the right to withdraw the consent at any point, notifying the DMV of the chance. In such cases, the drivers license is canceled and the student has to start the application process anew once the age of 18 is reached.