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Permit Practice Test VA Question 93

Traffic signals is probably a part of the road infrastructure everyone is familiar with - you see them every time you go somewhere, when you cross the street or when your parents are driving you to a friend's house. While most of the Virginia permit test questions that cover traffic signals and traffic lights should not pose any problems to most students, some still get confused about the principle of the “protected turn” and what is expected of them when green or red arrows are displayed. Today we are covering one of the permit practice test VA questions that deal with additional traffic signals to help you tackle this matter.

Permit Practice Question


A. May still turn but you must yield to oncoming traffic
B. May no longer turn and must proceed straight
C. Still have the right of way to turn
D. No longer have to turn the way the arrow indicates

Answers To The Sample Question

Answer A to the permit practice test VA question states that if a green arrow turns into a green light, you may still turn you must yield to oncoming traffic. This sounds correct, since a green arrow usually allows you to make a protected turn. A regular green signal does not give you the same advantage.

Answer B to the practice permit test VA question suggests that you may no longer turn and must proceed straight. This answer is incorrect, a red arrow is usually used to prohibit you from turning into a certain direction.

Answer C to the Virginia learners permit practice test question states that you still have the right of way to turn, even though a green arrow turned into green light. This is incorrect, while the green arrow gives you the right of way, the green light does not and you must still yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians crossing the road when turning on a green light.

Answer D to the Virginia permit practice test claims that you not longer have to turn the way the arrow indicates. This answer is incorrect because the green arrow that is active does not actually force you to turn in the direction of the arrow, it simply permits traffic that needs to turn in that direction to do so.

Correct Answer To The Sample Question

The correct answer to this VA permit test question is A:


Remember that it is totally fine to turn left or right on a green light. If you are making a left turn, you must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians crossing the road. If you are making a right turn, you need to give way to pedestrian crossing the road, oncoming traffic making a turn in the same direction will need to yield to you.

VA Permit Test Study Guide

There is no better way to prepare for the Virginia learners permit test than by reading the official Virginia DMV drivers handbook. The book contains everything you need to learn for your knowledge exam: road rules, road signs, traffic signals and basic defensive driving practices. Don't dismiss this study guide just because it is free, you will be hard pressed to find any study materials that will be as good and accurate as the drivers permit manual is.

A good approach that is working for most of the Virginia learners permit applicants is combining reading the handbook with taking the permit practice test VA study question. Read the book once, then take the practice permit test and see well you do. Write out all questions you will miss and revisit the corresponding chapters in the book. Keep doing that until you can answer virtually any questions on the Virginia practice permit test, then visit the DMV and pass the real knowledge exam!

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