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Texas Adult Drivers Education by DriversEd.com

Texas Adult Drivers Education by DriversEd.com

Couple of days ago, DriversEd.com has launched its Texas drivers education class designed for those trying to get a drivers license between the ages of 18 and 24 years. This new online drivers education class consists of six hour of online instructions, however before you can complete the program, you have to visit a local UPS store and undergo a personal verification procedure. This new adult drivers education class for Texas compliments the Texas parent taught drivers education course #108 that is currently offered for license applicants under the age of 18 years.

According to the regulations that were passed on recently, Texas learners permit applicants between 18 and 24 years of age are required to participate in an adult drivers education course that must consist of 360 minutes of instruction. The class is very similar to a regular drivers education course that is offered to teen drivers, however it's more concise and to the point. The course is an absolute must and you will not be able to take a Texas permit test at the Department of Public Safety unless you can produce a certificate of completion for the course.

Online Texas drivers education classes have been gaining popularity lately so it was only a matter of time until driving schools started offering adult driver's ed courses online. DriversEd.com is not the only company that offers the class, their competitor, iDriveSafely.com, started offering the class quite a while ago.

Course Procedure

You can register for the course online at DriversEd.com. Once signed up, you will be prompted to pay right away. Unlike other drivers education courses on the site, this Texas adult drivers education course does not offer you to take 20% of the course before you pay. The price for the course at the moment is $75.

Once the payment has been received, you will be prompted to locate a UPS store in your area and visit it for an ID verification. You will need to have a picture ID with you when you visit the store. Part of the ID verification procedure is leaving a voice recording through a special service that will save this recording for further comparison.

Once you are done with the verification procedure, you can head back home and finally start your adult Texas driver's education course. The course is offered in two versions - Flash and HTML. While the Flash version looks “flashier” and offers more animations, the HTML version of the course should be more stable. The HTML version of the course should also allow iPad users to make use of the program.

Once you are done with the whole course, the certificate of completion is mailed to you, so you should expect it to arrive within a few business days. With the certificate in your pocket, just head down to a local DPS office and take your permit test.

DriversEd.com does not offer driving instruction in Texas, so if you will want to get a few driving lessons with a pro, you will have to go through a local driving school, but keep in mind that the law does not require you to take any professional driving lessons and you can practice with any licensed driver who holds a valid Texas drivers license.

Something we found strange - DriversEd.com did not include any practice permit tests for Texas in this package, as they did with most of their other courses. Maybe we will see practice tests added to the package in the future.

If you are under 18 years of age, DriversEd.com can offer you their Texas parent taught driver's ed course. Keep in mind that parent taught drivers education courses require parent instructors to apply for a parent taught drivers education package prior to starting instruction online.