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Practice Permit Test PA Question 16

Driving involves sharing the road with other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. There are certain rules you have to follow to ensure that everyone, including yourself, is safe and sound. You should take extreme caution when driving near pedestrians because unlike yourself, they are not protected by anything. The Pennsylvania permit test has a number of questions on sharing the road with pedestrians and that is why we decided to go ahead and include couple of questions like that into our practice permit test PA sample quiz. Remember that all sample questions on this practice permit test are based on the official Pennsylvania drivers manual, you can always refer to the book when searching for the correct answer.

Practice Permit Question

For this practice question, you must select the answer that is NOT TRUE for the statement.

“When driving near a blind pedestrian who is carrying a white cane or walking with a guide dog, you must do the following:”

A. Slow down
B. Sound the horn to warn the pedestrian of your approach
C. Always yield the right of way
D. Prepare to stop the vehicle

Remember that you must single out the answer that is NOT CORRECT for the statement. Read on to find out which one of the answers is not correct.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the practice permit test PA sample quiz tells us that we need to slow down while driving near a blind pedestrian. This seems more than reasonable, as traveling at slower speed will allow us to stop the vehicle faster should the blind pedestrian be in any danger.

Answer B to the PA practice permit test offers us to sound the horn to warn the blind pedestrian of our approach. While this sounds reasonable at first glance, it is actually a dangerous move. Sounding the horn can scare the pedestrian or his guide dog and make him move in an unpredictable direction, sometimes it may take him right into the path of the vehicle.

Answer C to the Pennsylvania practice permit test tells us to always yield the right of way to a blind pedestrian. This is definitely a good idea, since the pedestrian does not see you and there is no way for him to predict your actions. Most blind pedestrians signal their intent to cross the road with a cane, however you should not count on it.

Answer D to the permit practice test PA sample exam suggests that we prepare to stop the vehicle any time. Same as with answer A, this is a very good idea. Should the blind person do something unexpected, you can simply stop without injuring anyone. This is why it is so important to travel slowly so you can stop at once.

PA Permit Test Answers

Those who read through the answers to this Pennsylvania permit test question have already guessed that the answer B is the odd one out here. You do not need to sound the horn when approaching blind pedestrians, in fact, you don't sound the horn when approaching any pedestrians as it may not give you the exact opposite of the result you are trying to achieve. Here is what the official Pennsylvania drivers handbook says about such situations:

When driving near a blind pedestrian, slow down, always yield the right-of-way and then proceed with caution. Be prepared to stop your vehicle in order to prevent injury or danger to the pedestrian.

Make sure to follow this rule while driving on Pennsylvania roads. Stay safe and good luck on the PA permit test!

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