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Missouri Practice Permit Test Question 81

Every driver must remember that he is sharing the road with other motorists, motorcyclists, bicycles and pedestrians and it you must learn the rules of sharing the road well before getting behind the wheel, since you will be tested on these rules during your Missouri permit test. Bicyclists are probably the second least protected group of road users, after pedestrians, since they do not have a vehicle protecting them and they cannot use heavy protection gear that is used by motorcyclists and you must exercise extra cautions when driving near bicyclists. Bicycle crossings are places where you may encounter a large number of cyclists crossing the road at once and the approach to the crossing is usually marked by an appropriate road sign. When you see this sign, slow down and be prepared to stop if you see a cyclist crossing the road. If you want more questions on sharing the road with cyclists, make sure to check out our free Missouri practice permit test.

Practice Sample Question


A.Missouri Permit Test Question | Answer A
B.Missouri Permit Test Question | Answer B
C.Missouri Permit Test Question | Answer C
D.Missouri Permit Test Question | Answer D

If you want to learn more about sharing the road with bicycles or other road users, make sure to check out the official Missouri drivers manual. The book contains answers to all Missouri permit test questions, there is simply no better way to learn Missouri traffic rules and regulations than by reading the official handbook. Oh, and did we mention that the handbook is completely free? You can download it off the DMV website, print it out and study it on the way to work or school. Polish it off with this free Missouri practice permit test and you're set for the real thing!

MO Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Missouri practice permit test question is incorrect. The sign depicted in the picture is a regulatory sign, not a warning sign, and it is called “NO BICYCLES”. If you are riding a bicycle, you are prohibited from entering roadways marked with this sign.

Answer B to the Missouri permit practice test question has a bicycle on it, it's a yellow diamond-shaped warning sign, looks like a good candidate for the right answer, but let's look at other options.

Answer C to the permit practice test MO question is incorrect. While it is a warning sign and it has a picture of the car a cyclist, this sign is called “SHARE THE ROAD” and it is used to remind drivers to provide enough space for cyclists riding on the road, it is not intended for marking bicycle crossings.

Answer D to the permit practice test Missouri question is incorrect. The sign in the picture is one of the intersection signs, it is called “CROSS ROAD” and it warns you that there is an intersection coming up ahead on the road.

Correct Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Missouri permit test question is B:


Bicycle Crossing Ahead

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