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Agent 007 Passed His NY Permit Test - WILL YOU?

Daniel Craig who is best known for his lead role as James Bond, has recently applied for and successfully received his New York drivers license. In order to be able to legally drive in the States, Mr. Bond had to go through the same steps as any other citizen, and that means sitting through a drivers education course and taking the knowledge and driving exams.

Daniel Craig, who now resides in NY, is a British actor who is famous for his appearances in the Bond movies, has to apply for a New York drivers license in order to be able to drive in the states. Despite him having a drivers license from Great Britain, he still had to jump all legal hoops before the DMV in New York has granted him his current license.

For Mr. Bond, it all started with a NYS permit test that he took at the drivers license office. Once done with that, Daniel also had to attend a short drivers education program that consisted of lectures on driving safety, driving in hazardous conditions and effects of alcohol and drugs on driving abilities. The only special request Daniel had is that he attends the class alone, separately from everyone else, as to not to distract other students from the class.

According to Richard Fernandez, an office manager at the Professional Driving School of the Americas where Daniel took his drivers ed class, Daniel was a really nice and friendly guy.

Once Daniel was done with with his class, he also had to take a driving test and he passed with flying colors. The man with a license to kill finally has a license to drive.

If you want to pass your permit test just like David did, make sure to check out our practice permit test for NY. Take as many as you want, they are absolutely free. The New York DMV also offers a drivers handbook free of charge, in case you are looking for some extra study materials.