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DMV Practice Test VA Question 9

Is there anything more important that being able to understand and follow traffic signals while driving? Probably not. It is hard to overstate the importance of following traffic signals, since most of the accidents happen on intersection when people fail to obey the rules. The DMV VA permit test even contains a separate section on road signs and traffic rules, so we will be paying a lot of attention to the signs and signals in our DMV practice test VA sample quiz. Today, we are looking at the red flashing traffic light and the things you need to do when you see one.

DMV Test Question

Traffic Signals -  Red Flashing Light | Virginia DMV Practice Test “When you come to an intersection with a flashing red light, you must:"

A. Come to a complete stop, wait for the light to stop flashing.
B. Slow down, proceed with caution
C. Come to a complete stop, yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, proceed when the way is clear
D. Only turn left or right, going straight is prohibited

Remember that only one of these test answers is correct. If you think that more than one answer fits this practice question, choose the one that fits best.

VA DMV Practice Test Answers

While it is always great to work through the practice test question, some of you may already know the answer. If you are positive that you know the right answer to the question, scroll down the page and check if the answer is correct. Everyone else, please read on.

Answer A to this DMV practice test VA sample quiz instructs us to come to a complete stop, wait for the light to stop flashing and then proceed through the intersection. This is a trick answer which would have been correct, if the flashing red light was installed at a railroad crossing. However, if the flashing red light is installed on an intersection, you do not need to wait until it stops flashing.

Answer B to this DMV VA practice test question tells us that we need to slow down and proceed with caution. According to the official Virginia drivers manual, this is what you would do if this was a flashing YELLOW light.

Answer C to the Virginia DMV practice test question offers you to come to a complete stop, yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians and proceed only of the way is clear. So far, this looks like the most reasonable answer.

Answer D to the VA DMV practice test tells us that on the flashing red light, you can turn either left or right, but going straight is prohibited. According to the book, the only traffic signal that can prohibit or allow movement in certain directions are red and green arrows. Flashing lights don't have anything to do with specifying directions.

DMV Practice Test Answer

According to the book, the correct answer to this traffic signals practice question is C. Make sure to select this answer should you encounter it on your DMV VA permit test. Here is the quote from the manual:

Flashing red light: At a flashing red light, come to a complete stop and yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. You may go when the way is clear. At a railroad crossing, you must come to a complete stop even if you don’t see a train.

Stay tuned for more practice questions on road signs, road rules and traffic signals!

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